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Dec 20, 2008 04:20 PM

Best authentic chinese food in the area?

I'm looking for garlicky beef tendon, shrimp noodle, weird, exotic stuff...not your basic kung pao chicken. I want hot, spicy, and unusual. Where to go?

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Go to Mary Chung in Central Sq Cambridge.....Mass Ave.
      GREAT stuff!!!!

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      1. re: sinned61

        I preface this w/ saying that I love Mary Chung, but I don't know that "authentic" is the word I'd use. I think I'd say "american-chinese executed tremendously well"

        1. re: sinned61

          Great, if you stick to the Suan Lo Char Shou.

          1. re: Baiye

            A bit of wisdom I was told once which generally has held true (in both directions) is to stick wtih the specials that they list on the front of the menu. I've found some things there that I didn't like so much and some stuff outside of that list which I've enjoyed but it's a good start.

            1. re: Baiye

              Even the suan la chow show aren't reliable - I've been a fan since Mary's first opened, but the last time I ate there they were terrible, way too much chili heat with no other flavor at all.

          2. You may want to specify which region of China you're interested in tasting... then you can get more specific responses.

            1. Sichuan Gourmet in Framingham fits the bill. not sure what area you are looking for. Had the beef tendon a couple of weeks ago, good stuff.

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              1. re: AHan

                I wouldn't know if chinese food was authentic. I can tell you that Shanghai Gate is excellent, generally full of Asian diners, and has a menu with wonderful odd stuff on it. The staff is always pleasant and I consider the food one of Boston's great treasures. Is it authentic? I've never eaten in Shanghai.

              2. For Sichuan, I'm a fan of Chili Garden in Medford. They have some really authentic Sichuanese dishes that veer towards the somewhat exotic (the spicy beef tongue is fantastic).