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Dec 20, 2008 04:18 PM

Villa Italia Stamford I just wanted to get a meatball

sandwich and dissapointed with the ball. I really like Belltown Pizza, it tastes like when I was little at my serious Italian old school friends mamas and grandmas recipes Sometimes I just want just to just a simple hero/wedge. Any other ideas in Stamford and i only like the all beef. The pizza was decent but like Belltown better. What else is good and tastes like it is homemade with love and not watery so it costs less? I have these cravings about 6 times a year and of course the gravy has to be good too. Thanks

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  1. Giovannis Italian has a couple of old Italian guys making eggplant, meatballs, red gravy. Give it a shot.

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    1. re: jfood

      Will they do take out sandwiches? How are the meatballs?

      1. re: nbermas

        They do take out in both heros (jfood term for hot) and subs (the cold standard). They call them wedges, who knows why. Jfood always gets the sausage or eggplant, sometimes on a hero or sometimes on a nice plate of pasta (also to go inthat aluminum plate with plastic top), with some extra red gravy. He has a hard time eating anything but his Rao's recipe meatballs in the freezer at home.

          1. re: jfood

            wedge...basically a bronx and westchester term...meat inbetween 2 wedges of bread

            1. re: corky

              I know that grew up there the point is it was horrible, where do you get good ones around Stamford- Port chester? like I had when I was little from the REAL Italian cooks.

              1. re: corky

                From my research on the subject, I've come to the conclusion that Wedge originated in Yonkers, NY at an Italian deli called Landy's where the Italian matriarch would pronounce sandwich as "san-wedge" which eventually just became Wedge. And the rest is history. You really only see 'wedge' used in Westchester and lower Fairfield County.

                1. re: cardiak

                  thats a lot better than my least i got the geography correct

                  1. re: corky

                    You are all off my topic Where to get a good Meatball?