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Dec 20, 2008 02:56 PM

Possible to find reasonably priced GOOD sushi in midtown area?

We are going to a performance at the end of December and are not so familiar with sushi in the city...ideally we could find really fresh, well prepared sushi for a reasonable price but not sure that's possible. When we eat in NJ it's maybe 90-100 for the two of us...possible? Or will the sushi just be poor quality and a tourist trap? Looking for somewhere on the west side but does not have to be exactly in midtown. Thanks!

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  1. I love Sushiya on 56th between 5th and 6th. It's been my first choice for sushi in midtown for years and have never been disappointed.

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      Ahhh i finally found this post again. I love this place, just plain good food!

      Thanks RedVelvet, just got back from another good meal.

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        Glad you enjoyed it. Now don't tell anyone about it :))

    2. its not in mid town but sushi yawa is very good and reasonable prices 25 west 8th btw 5th and 6th ave 212 253 9888 i read about it here and have been vvvv happy every time

      1. sushiya, mentioned above, is good. i've also had good meals in that price range at aoki on west 48th -- one of the few places i'll eat one of those silly-sounding rolls :)

        it's possible -- not easy but not too too much of a stretch -- to eat for 50pp at Shimizu, often cited here as top notch regardless of price.

        1. Shimizu on W 51st pre-theater is very reasonable. Last time there cost me $110 with sushi for 2 with drinks, tax,tip. Sushi was excellent.

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            Thank you! These sound great - now we have to pick one...!

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              Narrowed it down to Shimizu and Sushiya...both sound excellent! Any others want to weigh in as to their favorite?

              Happy Holidays!

          2. Walked over to Sushiya based on reading this post from the Marriott Marquis tonight. Decent walk but worth it. Awesome sushi, great service and so fast. Very attentive with the warm sake and felt the most traditional i've felt in a sushi joint since I was in Tokyo.

            Speaking of Tokyo they had these awesome restaurants there where there was a grill and 2 guys behind it, everyone sat around the grill and they cooked food and served it to you on this huge paddle. The waitstaff walked around the grill and shouted orders to the grill guys. Very Very good wondering if there is something similar in NYC? If anywhere outside of Japan had this I thought there was a chance it was here. I think the place in Tokyo was called Robatya or something like that? And no i'm not talking about Hibachi :)

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              They don't serve it on a paddle, but Yakitori Totto offers a variety of grilled bits.

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                My japanese is pretty limited (maybe Silverjay can chime in) but robata-ya is the type of restaurant - a robata grill - rather than the name. Though it's more of a high end izakaya, Aburiya Kinnosuke on 45th b/w 2nd & 3rd - also part of the Totto/Torys empire - has a whole robatayaki section of their menu and they cook and serve their tsukune on a little paddle.
                There was also the short-lived Jewel Bako Robata, that I think that occupied the space that is currently Degustation.

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                  New place in NYC that sounds like that, near 42nd, serves yakitori, anything on a skewer, will be trying this week, will report back.

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                    Inakaya opened recently in the NY Times building, but I haven't been yet. I believe they serve on paddles.