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Where can I find Pisco Sours in Chicago?

Does anyone know which bars serve this native Peruvian drink? I know Rosa de Lima (restaurant) serves good ones with your meal, but they are not setup as a bar.

Click the small photo below this text on the left to see the drink.

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  1. drinksmixer.com has a recipe i dont know where you would buy it

    1. at piscomall.com you can buy it and theyll ship it, get the recipe and bring it to your bars and if they have the ingredients they should be able to make it im sure unless there is something unusual in it and it sounds like it, never had it

      1. La Pena on Milwaukee near Montrose serves them. It's more Ecuadoran food-wise but they have a broader selection of South American drinks. They have a bar but it's very short on ambience, food's okay.

        1. Rios d'Sudamerica serves them. It's also a restaurant, but at least a little bit more lively than Rosa de Lima. Plus they have a bar you can sit at near the front. I recall Graham Elliott's bar serving a special cocktail with Pisco in it. It's not the classic Pisco Sour, but it was delicious. Since they have Pisco there anyways, I bet they'll make it for you.

          1. The Matchbox on Ogden & Milwaukee makes a very nice pisco sour.

            1. Taste of Peru in Roger Park on Clark St. is a great place but barebones. They do not serve Pisco Sours but are BYOB and there is a liquor store across the street, if you buy Pisco there then Taste of Peru will make a good Pisco Sour for you.

              1. I would recommend Sepia (restaurant w/ a small bar) for it's Pisco Sour. From my recollection, they put a modern twist to it as well as to other "traditional" cocktails, but I admire their dedication to the dying art of the well-made cocktail.

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                  I totally second this rec. We tried Sepia on Tuesday and went in at about 2, just to see if we could get a cocktail (we did). I had the Imperial Breakfast and it was fantastic...layers of flavor. We also had some friendly banter with the bartender...she gave us some book info on mixology. We went back later that evening for one more drink and a little food. The food was good, but not as good as the cocktail!

                2. The Bristol currently has a Pisco Sour on their drinks menu, though I imagine it's not your standard, classical one, as they do those fancy hand-made drinks with their own infused syrups and such.

                  The Bristol
                  2152 N Damen Avenue
                  (773) 862-5555

                  The Bristol
                  2152 N Damen Avenue, chicago

                  1. Sushi Samba Rio has them - there is a bar attached.

                    Also, that Latin themed bar/restaurant in the old North Pier building has them.... I cant recall the name of the spot.. on Illinois near Navy Pier.

                    1. You can buy Pisco at Binnys or almost any good liquor store. They use egg whites to make it also and for this reason many restaurants do not make them traditional. I had them in Peru and got the receipe and it is egg whites whit ice cubes and lemon and sugar and of course the pisco and it gets frothy from the egg whites and you can sprinle cinnamon on top if you desire. Great drink and only takes a few to have been too many! ;)