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Dec 20, 2008 02:34 PM

Lots of orange peels after juicing

There is nothing I love more in winter than juicing tangerines and oranges, I do it almost every day with the KA Mizer juicing attachment. The problem is I am left with lots of peels. any ideas of what I can do with all these peels, I would love to find an interesting use them.

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  1. I've seen several magazine articles with instructions for making candied citrus peel. Looks very simple. I'm thinking I'd go with the "dipped in chocolate" option : ).

    1. Make orangecello - use this recipe subbing oranges for lemons:

      You may want to zest the oranges before you juice them when you make this.

      You could clean all the pulp out of the inside of the peels, dice the peels, boil the diced peels for about 10 minutes and add them to jams, jellies, fruit and butter sauces. Boiling them cuts down on the bitterness and makes them delightfully chewy, while still adding a nice orange flavor.

      You could also dry them and use them in baked goods throughout the year.

      1. cassoulady, as jazzy suggested, I try to zest a few oranges before we use them and freeze the zest in baggies. Then I use the zest on roasted asparagus, and in sauteed Brussels sprouts, on broccoli, etc. Also good in some poultry pan sauces, beef and pork braises, etc, and in couscous and rice. (Obviously, quickbreads, muffins, too.)

        You can also toss some of those peels in the freezer now, I believe. Just make sure you've cleaned all the flesh out of the fruit.

        In the meantime, I'd like some of those chocolate dipped peels :-D, or you can sliver or julienne them and boil them in a simple syrup, as one would crystallized ginger. Once they dry, you can use them to garnish cake or cookie icing, or in chocolate bark.

        Simmer some on the burner with various spices.

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          I second the vote for glaceed orange peels dipped in dark chocolate. Oh me oh my.

        2. thanks for the tips. I am having friends for brunch and juicing lots of tangerines for mimosas so i will reserve them and try the candied peel in choc!

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            We just made the candied orange peel recipe from Sunset Magazine: and are going to be trying it with lemon and limes also tomorrow. I think it's a great recipe and works better than other candied orange peel recipes I've seen.

          2. Boil in water with some ginger and brown sugar.

            Great for sore throats.