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Dec 20, 2008 01:30 PM

christmas day dinner in santa fe

Help! My family and I are trying to find a place to eat on Xmas night which is not too fancy or overpriced--which has good food--and which IS OPEN! I was hoping for Cafe Pasqual but they are closed, and Pink Adobe is only doing a lunch. So far I can only find over-priced and over-formal food, and we're running out of time to book. Thanks for any help or recommendations that anyone can give me.

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  1. Go to Type in santa fe and 12/25.

    Santa Fe on Christmas Day is going to be expensive. Eldorado Hotel has Eldorado Court Christmas Buffet for $48 a person. [$40 senior]. That may be your best bet.

    1. it's a good idea but not fool-proof--I just checked out Tulips' web site (listed as available on open table) and they are definitely closed on Xmas Day...

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        I just saw this is 11 - 3 pm only and you are looking for dinner. Sorry.


      2. What about this buffet at Buffalo Thunder...? 10am to 10pm Christmas Day...

        1. Thanks to all of you who tried to help out. I found out that Coyote Cafe was doing their regular menu, so we're going to be going there at 6--it's the Xmas Menus that always gouge you, and leave you far more full than is pleasant. Happy Christmas everyone!

          1. The original comment has been removed