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Dec 20, 2008 01:29 PM

Santa Cruz - late night fried chicken at 515

Just thought I'd post an update about this. For the last month or so, 515 Kitchen and Cocktails has been serving fried chicken from 10PM-closing. They reopen their kitchen just to make the fried chicken. It's $10 for a plate with four pieces, or half a chicken, complete with country gravy. The gravy has large pieces of soggy bacon in it, which I didn't find appealing, but the chicken is great! Very dark brown, with a fairly thin crust encasing extremely juicy chicken. Not overly salty a la KFC, and just the right snack for an evening of cocktails.

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  1. Thanks for the report on their late-night fried chicken. I saw it in their ad and wondered what time they offer it. Their sister restaurant, Red, used to have a fried chicken and waffles on their menu that I'd order once in a while, but it hasn't been available lately.

    I keep on meaning to take advantage of the AYCE moules frites on Wed. night but have not made it there yet.

    515 Kitchen and Cocktails
    santa cruz, CA, santa cruz, CA