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Dec 20, 2008 01:20 PM

Portuguese Cheeses

A while back I had the chance to try some outstanding cheeses when the Fancy Food show was here in San Diego. Since then, I forgot the names of the cheeses but can only recollect the amazing flavors.

Is anyone versed in the area of Portuguese dairy products? What cheeses can you recommend and what are their availability in the US?

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  1. Sao Jorge (cow's milk) is one I've seen in Canadian stores. I only tried it once, but I'd say it was similar to Jarlsberg. I'm sure I ate azeitao in Portugal as well, but I don't recall anything specific about it. Some other names: Pico, Tomar, Serra da Estrela, Castelo Branco, Evora, Raba├žal. Have a look at this link: