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Dec 20, 2008 12:40 PM

Need Downtown Chinese restaurant for Xmas Day afternoon - group of 7 visiting from NYC - maybe something Szechuan or Hakka?

I don't know much about Hakka but think it will be new to many of them - many of them have said they want to try a Toronto Chinese restaurant because they think they're better than the ones in NYC - help!

Confess I haven't stayed current with downtown restaurants - our favourite for many years was Champion House on Dundas.....any suggestions (restaurant/dishes) are welcome - also if you happen to know the restaurant is open on Xmas Day that would help too


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  1. I like Yueh Tung which is at the South west corner of Elizabeth and Dundas. It's a long time restaurant in the old Chinatown, probably one of the last of the originals. I like the food and hope that you do as well. It is always busy and a favourite too of the police officers from 52 Division.

    1. sorry to disappoint you but the more regional cuisine is to be found uptown in the burbs. Downtown is mainly Cantonese, with a few northern dumpling spots thrown into the mix.

      Most Chinese restaurants will be open on Christmas, call to make sure.