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Dec 20, 2008 12:34 PM

foodie gift baskets in Regina, Saskatoon, Calgary and/or Edmonton?

I'm thinking about sending gift baskets to some relatives in the Prairies. Are there any companies you can suggest that send great quality gift baskets, with premium fruit, nuts, jams, etc.? Maybe something along the lines of Harry & David, but minus the $25 shipping fee?

Is Sunterra my best bet? I noticed that it looks like I'd have to phone in the order- are there any online companies that would have similar quality baskets?

Thanks for any of your suggestions.

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  1. I was tasked ordering such gift baskets work only a few months ago, so I'm glad to pass along what I learned!

    In Calgary, the Cookbook Company does an excellent job. I believe they charge about $25 to put the basket together. I ordered baskets from them filled with crackers, cookies, preserves, chocolate, etc. Beautiful baskets and very high-quality items.

    In Edmonton, I ordered a gift basket from Transcend Coffee and from all reports the basket was wonderful. I e-mailed Transcend and worked it out with Poul. Transcend can include a variety of items but is obviously more coffee-centric.

    Unfortunately, I don't have any info for Saskatchewan, but to find a store offering what you're looking for, I would Google specialty food or kitchen stores in those cities. The kitchen stores may not have what you want but I'm sure the people working there will have good local expertise.

    1. I was looking at the Costco baskets this year and many of them have good quality items like Elsa's Story and Guylian chocolates. I think they may ship to the recipient:

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        The Italian Center in Edmonton does some interesting custom baskets, not sure about delivery. I would call and check. Sunterra is definitely a good bet. i would also check Sobey's Urban Fresh market in E'ton, they have a lot of 'gourmet' items.

      2. I would go with Sunterra here in Edmonton. Their website doesn't appear to list the baskets available for purchase, but they range in price from $49.99 (actually comes in a colander, not a basket!) to $139.99. I brought home a pamphlet so I can list the contents of the baskets in your price range if you wish. No nuts or jams, mostly crisps, sauces, and oils.

        1. Fresh Kitchen does gift boxes not baskets, with lots of interesting ingredients.
          You can order via email and they will ship wherever, but i think they just pass teh real shipping cost depending on destination.
          they are in Calgary and the boxes are listed on their website

          1. Thanks for all the suggestions so far;) I like that I can order online with Fresh.

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              Probably late now but I just saw Cookbook Co. here in Calgary does gift baskets too.