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Chilaquiles in Silverlake

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I love chilaquiles, but for some mysterious reason I can't find a good plate of chilaquiles in Barrigans's are bland, and other Silverlake restaurants aren't open early enough to serve them. But I must be overlooking some good places. Suggestions?
FYI--the best I've had recently were at La Taquiza, on 30th street near USC. But that's too far to drive for a regular fix.

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  1. The chilaquiles at La Parilla (Sunset/Westerly) are not too bad, although they may not compare favorably to what you had at La Taquiza. Still, they are open for breakfast, and generally the food is pretty decent.

    It isn't exactly Silverlake, and I have never tried them personally, but at lunch today I saw a plate of chilaquiles being served up at Loteria at the Fairfax Farmer's Market that looked absolutely incredible. If it's anything like the food I HAVE tried there (mole poblano, nopalitos salad, sopa de tortilla), it's damned well worth the drive.

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      PRO: I get the chilaquiles verde with scrambled eggs at Loteria. It is a problem, them being so good. The portions are massive, they come with a side of black beans I pour over the top, lots of crema and cotija. Extremely tart, so be prepared. A day's meal.
      CON: 12 dollars.

    2. While not in Silverlake, the chilaquiles at Hugo's on Santa Monica in West Hollywood are delicious. I have friends who are addicted.

      Hugo's Restaurant
      8401 Santa Monica Blvd.
      West Hwd, CA 90069

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        I recommend their sister restaurant THE DIVE (formerly HIGHLAND GROUNDS) 742 N. Highland Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90038 tele 323.466.1507 fax 323.466.8701 - try it on the wknds. Its my favorite. I also like the rice w/ mine instead of potatoes...

      2. IMHO, Cha Cha Cha has the best in Silverlake (Virgil & Melrose). Aonther one that comes to mind is at Camilo's in Eagle Rock on Colorado Blvd.

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          Concur on Cha Cha Cha -- probably the best chiliquiles I've ever had. 656 N. Virgil Ave., L.A. 323-664-7723

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            Yes - the chilaquiles at Cha Cha Cha are great! And yummy coffee to boot!

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              Thanks for the tips--I never would have thought of going to Cha Cha Cha. I will also put La Parilla on the list, and hopefully do a comparaison soon.

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                I've had the chilaquiles at Eat Well and they aren't bad. Good in a pinch.

        2. I haven't had their chilaquiles (I'm too addicted to the nopalitos con huevos), but they are on the menu at Alegria on Sunset.

          1. Surprisingly, I really like the version at Brite Spot. More Echo Park, but still very close.

            1. Since no one has yet mentioned it yet, they have chilaquiles con huevos at Tacos Delta on Sunset and Lucille. I like Cha Cha Cha's the best but when I go to Tacos Delta for breakie I usually order the chilaquiles.


              1. Best chilaquiles I have ever had, and far away (since they closed their Monrovia location) is the Chilaquiles con Chorizo at El Matador on Irwindale off the 210 Freeway. If you ever find yourself out there, definitely try it - delicious!!

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                  Hello everyone! This is my first of, I hope, many posts. I have read many of the boards and I real like what I have read so for, soooo, bon appetite!

                  Anyway, I want to respond to this thread on chilaquiles. Since my mom passed away, it has been most difficult trying to find food the comes close to her cooking, and cooking Mexican food was probably her specialty. As for Chilaquiles, I thought she made the best, but of course I am very prejudiced!. In my search for the "perfect" chilaquiles, alas, I have found none, probably due to the fact the I have discovered the proper way to prepare Chilaquiles is with all the right ingrediants, of course, but also, that the tortillas must be on the crisp side. My mom's Chilaqulies were more on the soft/soggy side, like a casserole, which i prefer immensely.

                  So the closest I have found (including trying to make them myself), is at a little "hole-in-the-wall" of a Mexican restaurant called "El Taquito Mexicano 2" located at 467 North Fair Oaks Avenue in Pasadena (626-577-3918). Not a fancy place, just your basic Mexican food. Now I think I had their Huevos Rancheros a long time ago, which were quite good. But when I get a hankering for some downhome Chilaquiles, kinda like mother used to make, then I head over to El Taquito Mexicano 2. And don't forget to order them with 2 fried eggs on top---it is not a proper Chilaquiles dish if the eggs are not included. The Chilaquiles are quite soft and delicious for my taste, they may be a bit on the spicy side for some, but they are a truely fine way to start the morning off right.

                  Please try and tell me if you agree or not. I am sure the other suggestions are fine, but I have never been disappointed at El Taquito Mexicano 2.

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                    Is that the place right before you get to Villa (going north past the 210)? They also have the taco truck in the Nokiawa (?) shop on Fair Oaks between California and Del Mar in the evenings. Have only eaten at the little restaurant once.
                    I think you should try El Matador - they do a really nice job of it. I always order my chilaquiles with eggs over easy on top - that way the yolk gets all smooshed in with the red sauce and chips. Also, I have noticed that to get the "Soggy" chips you mention, just wait a few minutes before you eat them and they will become soggy on their own!

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                      Yes that is the location.

                      I will consider El Matador the next time I am in the area, thanks.

                      Although waiting for the chips sounds like a good idea, having them consistantly "crisp" or "soft" to begin with seems to me the best way for the preparation, kinda like ordering a steak rare, and waiting for it to turn medium rare.

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                        I hear ya! I have just noticed that the last part of the chilaquiles is always the most soggy!! El Matador starts with crisp chips. Man, now I am craving it!! Thanks ;-)

                2. I have to say that I LOVE the chilaquiles at Julienne's in San Marino. I have no idea how authentic they are, because it is the only place I have ever had them, but once I got them the first time, they are the only thing I ever order there. I don't know how much they are, but I'm sure they are cheap!