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Dec 20, 2008 09:14 AM

Fish market near silverlake

Can anybody help me find a good fish market near Silverlake/Atwater village/Los Feliz area? I just moved here from Orange County and need a bit of direction....


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  1. In Glendale there's Fish King.

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    1. third vote for Fish King in Glendale

      1. Fish King is wonderful! Very fresh and a large selection of fish. Plus they have pacific lobsters now!

        1. Thanks all: I will check it out!

          1. Fish King, is ok, I guess. Don't have time to search exact name, but

            best secret in town for fish: Thai market on Melrose, north side, about 1/4 mile west of Vermont (--west on Santa Monica /south on Vermont / right/west on Melrose). Not only fresh fish (lots are live/you choose from tank), but costs significantly less than mark-up of any other place, such as shellfish. --Thais are very picky; known this market for 12 years. Also excellent for: Thai spices, banana leaves, coconut milk, et al. It's family-owned, 1st son, manager, is an exec. chef (smart, nice one). Highly recommend. (I used to have a spice biz; some things are only avail. from them)