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Dec 20, 2008 09:09 AM

Da Andrea – the last dinner has been served …. for now.

There was nothing spectacular about our dinner. The grilled calamari on a bed of arugula salad was quite good, the black ink pasta with clams was OK, while the veal sweetbreads, which worked better than the pork chop main, wasn’t bad either. The place was crowded, yet cozy, and I could easily assume that the diners were mostly from the neighborhood. Our wait staff was cordial and efficient. In spite of the un-interesting wine list, the hearty meal and the welcoming staff provided for a satisfying experience on a cold wintry New York night.

Oh, and by the way, we were told that Da Andrea’ is set to re-open in a new location in February 2009.

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  1. everything was ok, but yet your last meal was served? i dont get that. or did you just mean they closed for the move?

    btw yes the wine is terrible there, but everything else is pretty good. better to byob & pay the cork fee if you want to drink decent wine.

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    1. re: mrnyc

      Just like my subject line ... it was our last dinner "for now" at their W Village lodation. It's simple based on the fact that our waiter told us last night that it was their last night at their W Village location.

      1. re: RCC

        where will the new location be?

          1. re: RCC

            across from the quad cinema...former mauritzio space (sp?). they said theyd be open til year end at hudson...i had my farewell hudson meal there on wed.

            as usual, da andrea delivered...warm octopus salad was insanely great and tender. the paparadelle is one of the best pasta dishes on manhattan to this day.

            and while its not amazing, their wine list is very well priced and even their house red is a great bargain.

            1. re: sam1

              Hmmm. I could've sworn that our waiter told us that last Friday night was their last night at the Hudson Street location.