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Dec 20, 2008 07:46 AM

Is there a spice that goes with peppermint?

I want to make these little cookie sticks (a butter cookie recipe) that you ice with either a white chocolate dip or an icing that dries to fondant consistency. Then you dip the end in crushed peppermint candies (like Starlites).

The thing is I already have quite a few relatively bland butter cookies on the menu, so I wanted to this dough. Is there any one of the pie spices, for example, that wouldn't conflict horribly with the peppermint candies?

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  1. Ground ginger, nutmeg, can't think of any others I'd try (except perhaps Cardamom)
    Might be a good idea to do a taste test on combinations before pouring it into your recipe to make sure it's giving you the flavor(s) you're after. A very little bit of any of these goes a long way.

    1. Why not nuts or dried fruit? Or white pepper!

      1. Maybe mix cocoa into the dough to make them chocolate butter cookies?

        1. I thought about Cardamom, too, todao. One always feels a little re-assured when it occurs to someone else, too. ;-) I looked up ginger after reading your post, and there actually *are* some ginger-peppermint cookie recipes online. Thanks for the suggestion to test-taste. No need to twist my arm re nibbling on cookie dough!

          julie, I don't have any white pepper on hand, but I think a touch of pepper is great in many sweets. I do have some mixed peppercorns. (It's okay with me if the dough is...speckly, but I wouldn't be adding a lot, anyway).

          cassia, I'm already making chocolate butter cookies, but...aha!...I picked up some mini peppermint patties or Andes (can't remember...have to go check). Those might be just the thing, chopped up in the batter. Then I can dip the ends in white chocolate and the crushed peppermints, and call them "Twice Chocolate Peppermint Sticks" Or "Chocolate to the Second Power Peppermint Sticks" or something. People always seem to succumb to the suggestion of megachocolate.

          So thanks all for some good ideas.