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Dec 20, 2008 07:19 AM

Breakfast in Charleston

Looking for a great breakfast joint in Charleston thats open on the weekend

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  1. Joseph's on Meeting is my favorite. Everything on the menu is good, especially the french toast, beignets, and pancakes.

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      Never been (and I'm a local) to Joseph (appeals to tourists) but check out Hominy Grill - you won't be disappointed.

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        Joseph's appeals to tourists and Hominy Grill doesn't?

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        Sunflower Cafe on Ashley River Rd. in West Ashley is pretty excellent. Very casual, but delicious. I had a spicy sausage benedict. Awesome.

        - DH - One Charleston College Student's Guide to Food and Film

      3. The Marina Variety Store Restaurant at the City Marina on Lockwood is the best breakfast in town. Plus, it is on the water. Open seven days a week -- and will be crowded.

        Saffron's has an excellent Sunday brunch at very reasonable prices.

        Joseph's is good, but a bit pricey.

        1. I was in Charleston this weekend and had great food both mornings. I heard about Boulevard Diner and drove over to Mt Pleasant to check it out since I knew it was closed on Sunday. I had a great omlette and coffee. Nothing fancy but very good home cooked food. On Sunday we had brunch at High Cotton and it was really good, definitely fancy but not as pricey as I would have expected given the service and heavy tableclothes. I got the shrimp and grits and I had 9 large shrimp which were excellent. My husband had the french toast and he loved it. It had an apple struesel topping and marscipone cheese. The coffee was very good too. Brunch entrees ranged from $9-15. I highly recommend both places. Enjoy!

          1. One of my favorite breakfast/brunch places in Charleston when I lived there was the Bookstore Cafe. It has since moved out to Mouth Pleasant and is called The Charleston Cafe. They have a wide variety of breakfast/lunch fare, with seasonal specials. One of their unique things are "island potato cassaroles." Each one is named after one of the barrier islands around Charleston and consist of eggs, veggies, sometimes meat, cheese and sauce over thinly sliced fried potatoes (almost like chips). The cassaroles are huge and do have a tendancy to be greasy, but they're often very good.

            Hominy appeals to both locals and tourists - Sunday brunch is mostly post-church locals, a handful of tourists, and quite a few hungover college kids. A friend of mine lived about 2 blocks away for several years, and anytime I crashed on his couch after a party I'd take him to Hominy for breakfast the next day. One of my friends from Mexico works in Hominy's kitchen as well. Hominy is fairly standard breakfast fare, but some of their specials get a little creative.