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Dec 20, 2008 07:01 AM

How far ahead can you make bread dough

Sarge's fresh baked yeast rolls have been requested for Christmas dinner (around 2:00 p'm, this year) Can I make the dough the day before?

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  1. You may always slow down the rise by putting the dough in the frig. (Dough raised in cold temperature can develop different flavors that dough raised in moderate warmth - different yeast work better at different temperatures, and I seem to recall it may vary if the dough has dairy or not, but I could be wrong).

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      I use the fridge for rising all the time for certain breads. It does develop different flavours, sort of a sweetish taste that works with yeast rolls. The breads I do this with generally do have milk and butter in the dough, come to think of it, and they work great.

      Generally I do the fridge rising for the fermentation (before shaping) rather than for the proof (after rising). I have tried proofing in the fridge a couple of times, and I have encountered problems: This was for a large pan of cinnamon rolls, and the rising was uneven because the dough warmed up at different rates (edges first, centre last).

      It will take a while for the dough to warm up before you can shape or proof it, especially if it is a big piece of dough. I generally allow three hours.

    2. I bake a lot of bread and don't know about Sarge's fresh baked yeast rolls. Is there somewhere to view the recipe?

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        No, It's actually a bread recipe for a breadmaker, but I just use the breadmaker to make dough and then make it into rolls

      2. I always bake bread/rolls up to a week ahead and freeze. Pop the thawed rolls in a 350 oven for 3 minutes to refresh on the day. Nobody will notice a difference! It's just too much to ask on the day of a big dinner!

        BTW, I almost always let bread & pizza dough rise in the fridge overnight, and and can't say that I've noticed much difference.

        1. "Refrigerator Rolls" are made to store in the fridge. I use my recipe for weekend guests. I make the dough Thursday, make rolls for dinner on Friday and then sweet rolls of some kind on Saturday for breakfast.. If the recipe you have has a reasonable amount of sugar and eggs, as most dinner rolls do, this should not be a problem.