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Dec 20, 2008 06:47 AM

where to buy bread in LES?


I'm looking for a good place to buy nice crusty rustic breads, baguettes, etc in the Lower East Side (preferably close to Grand/Essex). I know they have a few baguettes at the Essex Street Market, but not a whole lot of variety. I'd also prefer not to hike up to Whole Foods and would rather support some of the smaller bakeries-- but I just don't know where to go!

Any suggests? Thanks hounders!

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  1. I have had very little luck finding a decent bread source on the LES. Saxelby and Formaggio in Essex Market have good bread, but as you know, not much of it (and it ain't cheap). About the bakeries on Grand St., the less said, the better. I get my sourdough rye at Our Daily Bread in the Union Square Greenmarket. Which is just what you don't feel like doing, hiking uptown. I'd love to know if anyone has found something good.

    1. Falai Panetteria, on Clinton and Rivington. Excellent breads and pastries.

      1. kosars, whole food, gourmet garage, and dean and deluca farther west.

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          Love Kossars, but they do not have crusty rustic breads or baguettes. They have bialys & bagels & salt sticks & bulkas.

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            oh well right, didn't mean to suggest otherwise...

        2. Not too far a walk:

          DiPalo on Mott and Grand has good breads..they sell Sullivan street Pugliese on weekends.