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Dec 20, 2008 06:21 AM

"Gravy Master" in East Bay?

Saw an Oxtail Stew recipe I want to cook this weekend and one of the ingredients is 4 tbs of "Gravy Master". Has anyone seen this product in a local Oakland or Berkeley grocery store where I can purchase? I googled it and it's available online, but I need it today. Thanks!

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    1. You can find it, or its counterpart, Kitchen Bouquet, in any supermarket. Four Ts is an enormous amount. That sounds kind of gross. It's essentially used as coloring, to turn gravy from gray and unappealing to rich and savory looking. I've never heard of it being used as an actual flavoring agent. It's one of those holiday things, like Bell's Seasoning.

      Thinking about it, I think you are more likely to find Kitchen Bouquet than Gravy Master, although Gravy Master is much more euphonious, don't ya think? Please report back with details of the recipe if you find this marvelous creation.

      PS. Don't drop it whatever you do. I dropped a bottle in line at the supermarket once. Probably ruined three or four people's clothes.

      1. Gravy Master and Kitchen Bouquet are color enhancers rather than flavor enhancers. I don't think they are essential to any gravy, but do give it a nice, rich brown color, and a little salty flavor. I use Kitchen Bouquet once in a while, but find it just as easy to use Mushroom soy sauce and a dash of fish sauce. Go easy, tho. I question 4 tblsp except in a recipe for 20 people or so.

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          I haven't thought about Kitchen Bouquet...forever. My mom use to use it. 4 ts does sound like a lot. Indeed, soy sauce works, is just as easy and since it has multiple uses, easier to keep around.

        2. Thanks for all the tips. I think if I do make it tonight I'll just skip the alternative Kitchen Bouquet and maybe use a bit of soy sauce.

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            Observe I suggested MUSHROOM soy sauce. It is what Thais call "thick soy sauce". A few drops will really give sauce a deep brown color. Go easy, tho.

          2. If it just a recipe then I think Kitchen Bouquet would be an acceptable substitute, but if it is a recipe from Kwai Chang Caine then you must use “Gravy Master”, grasshopper….