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Dec 20, 2008 04:34 AM

Best burger on the North Shore?

Any suggestions? I've lived up here for a couple years, and have yet to stumble on one that fits the bill. I'm not looking for Tim's quality, just something better than average...

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  1. I like the griddled burgers at Red's Sandwich Shop in Salem. They are very high in fat, which is probably why they are so tasty.

    Red's Sandwich Shop
    15 Central St, Salem, MA 01970

    1. Wild Horse in Beverly has a really good burger. I think they wood grill them. They are available in the bar/lounge area of the restaurant.

        1. I love Fuddrucker's especially with those homemade rolls they serve them on.

          1. I like the Anchor in Beverly at the Beverly-Salem bridge. At first it can feel like a "Bucket-of-Blood" kind of place, but it's a great local bar with lots of local color. And you really get bang for your buck on the food and drinks. Cash only. Great twin lobster deals and specials every day too.