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Ruth's Chris Steakhouse

How's this one? I've read some good/some bad reviews. Mostly waitstaff.
Anyone had their bernaise? If I'm getting a filet, I've just gotta have bernaise!

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  1. Been a few times, I just ask them to go easy on the butter. They're running a fillet and lobster tail special for $39.95, may fit your desires. Yes, they have bernaise.

    1. Went once. Wasn't impressed with their attitude, service... food was ok. So not a place I desired to go back to when there are so many other steak houses around that treat you better. I find Ruth's Chris in other cities to be better than the Boston location... and are an especially nice option in cities where it's one of the best places in town. Indianapolis, IN is a good example.

      1. I know Ruth's Chris doesn't get a lot of love around here..like most steak chains. I have a neg-pos experience to report. Without the details (cuz I don't recall, and they're unimportant) the hostess was somewhat rude to Ms 9; who got the restaurant before me.

        . We enjoyed our lunch and I sent an email to the mgr. that evening; explaining what happened.

        He sent me back an apology and a gift certificate...which was more than fair.

        Mistakes happen, but the way they handled it brought them up a step in my opinion.

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          Thanks, 9lives. I've read posts on other forums and most said food was fantastic, service was excellent, but there were a few negative posts about ONLY the service.
          The fact that they "apologized" is a good thing.
          I think we'll give it a try.

        2. I've had a good cowboy steak there. Service was ok, but I've had better experiences @ Abe & Louis and Oak Room.

          1. I agree with the others, that you can get a much better steak elsewhere, but I will say this for Ruths' Chris: I love the space. I like the room with the big bar, and the downstairs dining room with the open brick and cool ceiling. But that's not enough to get me to go back if I can help it.

            1. Not a fan of the whole smoking hot skillet covered in butter.

              I ordered a fillet medium rare and due to the smoking hot skillet it is served on, by the time I got to the second half of the fillet it was at least medium if not closer to well done at the bottom. Who thought this was a good idea? Should I just order it raw to get medium rare? Just cook the damn steak as I asked and serve it to me on a plate, a regular plate, no skillet, no smothered in butter. Etc.

              We have also enjoyed better meals at the Oak Room.

              1. I think most top Prime steak houses are interchangeable when it comes to the quality of meat. what makes a difference is service, ambiance, and the sides.

                On my one trip to Ruths, the service was very good, the steak was great, and i liked the ambiance in the downstairs dinning room.

                What i didn't like was all the butter on the steak. It seems counter intuative to be whisking around plates of sizzling, popping, and exploding butter when most people are dressed in Suites and fine evening ware. I came home with butter all over my shirt. I blame it on Ruth's need to serve a stick on every steak......my wife blames it on the two martini's I had and the few bottles of wine that were passed around the table.

                It's a decent place. I prefer Abe and Louis and Grille 23. but I'd put this in the cluster with all the other steakhouses that trail the two aformentioned.

                1. As someone who is a fan of Bernaise (and has a killer recipe), their Bernaise is horrible.

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                    I work in the food business and I hear from the meat guys that Abe & Louie's buys the best steak out of the steakhouses in town.

                    I know Morton's uses Allen Brothers as their beef supplier. I ordered some allen bothers dry aged steaks for Christmas. I will report back later.

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                      You may work in the food business, but your meat guys are leading you on. Perhaps they don't know, or perhaps they work for Kinnealy's who sell BBRG their meats. A&L's beef is the same as most other places - also the same as Allen Bros, although not dry-aged. Nearly all steakhouses, butcher shops, restaurants and supermarkets buy beef indirectly from JBS, Cargill and Tyson. They may have different brand names and marketing programs, but, apart from USDA grade, the meat is generally the same, which is to say, inconsistent. That's not a knock on the restaurants; they don't have a lot of choice in the matter, but your meat guys don't have an excuse not to know better.

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                        They said BBRG bought their meat from Cambridge Packing. Not sure if this is correct.

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                          Campco doesn't sell to them. Whose beef do your folks say they use?

                  2. We ended up going to Ruth's Chris in the old City Hall building. First of all, the bar is magnificent. Had our martinis, then headed to the diningroom. Beautiful room as well. We ordered the porterhouse for two, cooked medium rare, along with a side of asparagus. The steak was cooked as ordered and was like "budda" as they say. What a fantastic piece of meat. The asparagus was cooked perfectly tender and served with hollandaise.
                    The waitstaff here was remarkable. So much so that I sent an email to the general manager. The bartender was a young man who knew his stuff and had a very pleasing personality. Our waiter was extremely knowledgeable about the menu and answered any question. Service was swift and professional.
                    I guess any negative reviews here went on a bad night because we can't wait until our next visit to Boston to go back.

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                      I can't say I share your opinion of the beauty of the rooms at Ruth's Chris. There's a quality to the decor that's... oh, I guess it's the veneer of luxury rather than actual luxury, a TV-studio-set, nothing-on-the-other-side-but-scaffolding-and-canvas feel. It's the opposite of the feeling I get at, say, Locke-Ober or the Oak Bar. It's faux-rich looking. I get the same impression from Vintage Restaurant in West Roxbury, the Hotel Commonwealth facade, the lobby of the Hotel Marlowe, most new Vegas casinos. When I see it, it really bugs me.

                      Count me among those that think Ruth's Chris is about interchangeable with most luxury chain steakhouses in town. I eat many dinners in such places each year, and I see why people like them, but I don't like to spend my own money in them. They are useful for business entertaining when I can't convince my guests to go somewhere more interesting.

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                        Well, MC, then I guess it's good for us that we used a gift card to Ruth's! ;-)