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Dec 20, 2008 03:22 AM

Please go to Cafe Sharaku in Fort Lauderdale!!! (review)

I know you aren’t going there because it was empty last night. Why aren’t you going there? The answer has to be that you never noticed it and this gem is truly one of the best restaurants in Lauderale. It’s a small restaurant that seats about 20 on Federal Highway between Oakland and Sunrise on the east side of the road. We were there for a 2nd time last night and were the only ones there at 8pm! I am on a mission to create some buzz and try to save the place


The concept is a fusion of Japanese and French styles to create wonderful little dishes. Recently the menu was expanded to include sushi but I just order multiple appetizers and Tapas style asian. Last night the wife and I had numerous dishes and 4 glasses of wine for $100. One of the best meals I have ever had. Last night we had:

PEI Muscle Soup – Like the broth out of the bottom of French Muscle Steam with about 10 muscles shelled muscles in the bottom and bit of ginger to create a little zing.

Baked Eel Pie – Two pieces so perfect for sharing. Long thick slice of Unagi on a bed of puff pastry with a small amount of mozzarella melted on top and drizzled with Unagi sauce. This was pure French/Japanese fusion. Probably my second favorite dish all night as I am a sucker for good Eel.

Sea Scallop Sashimi – Lightly smoked scallop shaved into slices and serviced over thin cucumbers with chopped tomatoes in sherry vinegar on top. This was the wife’s favorite. The acid from the vinegar/tomato was an awesome contrast to the light smokiness of the scallop.

Fresh Salmon tar tare – Salmon tar tare in a creamy sauce with salmon roe on top with little potato chips on the side for dipping. My second favorite. The lemony sauce with the salmon was unbelievable. A must.

Yellow Tail Carpacio – Diced fresh asian potato and yuzu soy sauce on Yellow tail. This was my favorite. I am still thinking about it this morning. A true masterpiece.

Broiled White Fish with Sea Urchin – The fist time at sea urchin 5 years ago I thought it tasted like Feet. Disgusting. I thought I’d give it another go around since everything else was awesome and we were not disappointed. Another highlight.

Fresh Seaweed with Shrimp – Three colors of fresh seaweed (green, red, clear) with sesame shrimp. Room temperature. Our least favorite but a highlight at almost any other restaurant. Inventive at the least

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  1. It sounds wonderful, I am planning a trip home (Ft. Lauderdale) next month and will try this place, the menu on the website looks excting!

    Thanks for the "review"

    1. Darlin, I applaud you on your avant garde food selections; BUT, you just go ahead and eat all that what we in the South call bait, anytime you want. I pass. Which part of the PEI mussels are the muscles? I adore PEI mussels in a nice fennel broth - or just garlic and white wine. Sorry, based on your recommendation, I can see why it is empty. Sorry.

      1. Had dinner there this past Saturday. The best way to describe it is like a "poor man's Nobu". Not that the prices are rock bottom, just not Nobu sized. Very imaginative and interesting dishes. All great. Lots of fun and definitely something different. The "sushi crostini" was unbelievable.

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          We were just there again last night (3rd visit). Everytime I go I resolve to tell everyone I know. It's terrific. I'm going to write a short post about my experience. Such good food. such pleasant caring service. It's just about perfect.

        2. OK - I had to bump this post because after reading the Chowhound reviews we decided to try Cafe Sharku tonight. Just like everyone said - it is great!

          They do a full 4 course prix fixe menu for $26. I repeat $26. Everything on the menu is included, Sea Bass, Seared scallops, Tuna, and duck or filet mignon for only $2 more! The plates were beautifully presented and everything was well seasoned. I think my favorite was the tuna tartare app with creamy garlic sauced and quail egg...

          I wish more people would try this place, it looks like they could use the business!