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Dec 19, 2008 10:08 PM

Best Restaurant Reviewers

Hello everyone,

I'm looking for a good restaurant review website other than zagat and yelp. My usual process for deciding whether to eat at a restaurant or not, is to check zagat first, then if something is decently rated, to consult the yelpers. Yet I would like a more accredited source than as my second-man to zagat--- maybe some kind of website that collects various restaurant critics' reviews and displays them nice and neat for me? Anyone know of something of the sort? Or even just a website that isn't so general as yelp and is more directed to foodies as reviewers...

I'm excited to know what you know. Thanks!

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  1. I like good old-fashioned AAA when I'm travelling and searching for reliably reviewed restaurants. I still wouldn't give it a 100%, but it's certainly a good jumping-off point. I find, Chowhound aside as we're fanatics, user-rating sites rather less than useful.

    1. You found it. I read the local boards of Chowhound before a trip. On a trip to Philadelphia this year they pointed out a restaurant that was so wonderful that I could have eaten there five nights in a row.

      I bought cheese where they suggested and found wonderful pretzels to bring to the friends I was meeting up with outside the city.

      1. Local newspapers' websites often have good, informative reviews that put particular restaurants in the context of their localities.

        1. Yeah, you're on it now, just read Chowhound. I'm biased I guess, but Yelp is kind of useless when it comes to restaurant reviews. I think the whole problem is that, as you said, it's not a food-specific board, so the people posting reviews often either don't know much about food, or don't care about it as much as, say, the drinks. My first step if I'm traveling is to do a search here for the area I'm going to be in, then if I still have questions, start a thread.

          Once you get it narrowed down to a handful of places you might want to go, just go to the restaurants' individual websites. If there is positive press about them, they'll link to it on their site. Also try the local print media's websites. Most of the nationwide review sites are just marketing vehicles.

          1. at least here in NY Yelp is very useful overall. i use it and chow the most, followed by zagat (mostly for sentimental reasons) and menupages to check the menus