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Favorite thing to make with a stand mixer

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Two years ago, for Christmas, I received a beautiful, candy apple red stand mixer. I'm ashamed to say I've never used it. I do bake bread occasionally, but prefer to knead my dough by hand (it's a great form of therapy) and for anything else that needs mixing / beating, like egg whites, I use my dilapidated old hand mixer.

Yet I know stand mixers are loved -- passionately -- by some. For those of you who use one, what do you make with them that's so good? Please inspire me!

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  1. Hmmm, the fun things that come to mind are marshmallows, mousse, meringues-- things that benefit from all that high powered whisking. I also can't do without it for creaming cool butter into delicious baked goods.

    A stand mixer will do soooo much better with those eggs than your hand mixer!

    I love to knead dough by hand, too, but the dough hook makes pizza dough a snap. Dump in bowl, let mixer thwap ingredients into dough (it really is a marvelous sound, the dough hitting the wall of the bowl), throw in fridge to rise overnight, make instant pizza the next day. YUM.

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      Please to post pizza dough recipe? Many thanks....

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        I completely agree with meringues. Imagine using hand to whisk that darn thing for 30 mins..... Then you realize the mixer is the gift of heaven.

      2. Oh man, I use my mixer so much. I only grew up with a kitchenaid, and never had to live without one. I have, on occasion, had to use hand mixers at friends' houses, and that lead me to understand why they don't like to cook. Hand mixers do have a few uses--beaten, cooked icings come to mind--but any time anything needs to be mixed, I use the kitchenaid.

        I love to bake, so I make cakes, cookies, gingerbread houses (wouldn't want to make that dough in anything else!), royal icing, buttercream (eek, just imagining a Swiss meringue buttercream without a stand mixer makes my arm hurt), fondant, pizza dough, and much, much more. I also love using the juicer attachment for squeezing lemon and orange juice from the trees in my backyard.

        Gosh, there must be more. I'm just so used to using my mixer all the time that I don't even think of it as an unusual or must-have tool. It's just normal for me!

        1. Baking! I can't imagine backing w/o my Kitchenaid. In fact, my baking muse, my maternal grandmother, is the one who gifted me my own Kitchenaid for my bridal shower. She was an amazing baker - always w/the Kitchenaid. I turned out 9 different kinds of cookies this year w/my little powerhouse.

          I only use a hand mixer for making very simple buttercream frosting.

          1. Marshmallows!!! Homemade marshmallows are to die for. Rice Krispies Treats made with homemade marshmallows deserve a national holiday.

            For my kids' parties at school, I make colors. For my mom, I make Amaretto and roll them in toasted, ground almonds. For me, I make cardamom and black pepper and sometimes curry. For teachers, I make cafe au lait.


            Double the vanilla.

            1. You may be surprised to see how well mashed potatoes come out in the KA steel bowl helps keel them warn, so just add the potato and whatever else you add, put on low and by the time you have everything else plated they are ready to go. i use the attachments a lot in particular the juicer and the pasta rollers.

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                yep. mashed potatoes for me, too... the KA is my "secret ingredient" for easy creamy potatoes

              2. marshmallows. Once you pour in the hot syrup, turn on the KA and walk away for 20 mins!

                1. Making pasta dough and then using the roller/ cutter attachment to thin and cut it. Nothing like your own homemade pasta. Also, once you've used your paddle to make choco-chip (or any other kind of stiff cookie dough) you can't go back to a portable mixer or (gasp!) making them by hand. Nothing beats a KA for kneading bread or pizza dough. Adam

                  1. thanks for these suggestions. i had no idea so many people made homemade marshmallows. sounds like a fun experiment!

                    1. I have a stand mixer that i use for everything. I dont actually own a hand mixer, and my kitchenaid is out on the counter all the time, so its easy to pop things in there.

                      I dont bake "normal" bread because i'm gluten free, BUT my former roommate is a pastry chef and would often make a type of bread that literally could not be made by hand. The recipe was in the Bread Bible. It was really cool to watch because it started off very liquidy and then after being "kneaded" in the mixer for about 8 or 10 minutes, suddenly SNAP! the gluten would tighten up and it would turn into a ball of dough just like that. He claimed it was his favorite kind of bread, and it was exciting to watch, to boot! He says that stand mixers have revolutionized bread baking. He also used to like to knead his dough by hand, but has found that dough kneaded in the mixer always comes out better. I wish i could point to a specific recipe for you, but if you look through that book you should find it.

                      1. I got a KA a few years ago, and never touched it for a year. Finally, i decided to try and now I'm hooked. i use it to mix up cake batters and cookie doughs. I used to make marshmallows last week. I also use it to mix bread dough. I still knead by hand, but I mix the ingredients with the bowl. It really is faster and clean up is easier too.

                        1. I like it for bread making, meringue, whipping cream, etc. As making bread goes and kneading, I start in the mixer and then I do the rest by hand. I still like to feel the dough. But I started liking how easy it is to multitask since I don't have to hold the hand mixer. If I'm making cookies, I get the butter sugar creaming, while I get the eggs ready and mix up the dry ingredients. I peek on occasion to see how it's doing. Then, I can add the other items, meanwhile cleaning up as they mix. I do the same with cakes. By the time everything is mixed, I'm cleaned up, baking trays ready to go. I wouldn't say my cookies and cakes are that much better with the stand mixer (well, cakes, if you have to beat egg whites to peak) but it's so much faster getting it made.