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Dec 19, 2008 08:34 PM

Spanish Bar cake - not in store anymore?

Hi everyone,

I was hoping someone could enlighten me with regards to a cake by the name of "Spanish bar cake". SO has been looking for it in stores for a long time and hasn't seen it. I am not familiar with it at all.. any ideas what it is, where I can find some or at least a good recipe if I can possibly make it? (I'm a good baker)

I don't know the brand or anything.. just that it's called "spanish bar cake" and it has icing I think of some sort .. I guess I just need some clues, was thinking of getting this as sort of a surprise. I'm in Canada and checked all the local stores.

Thanks chowhounds :)

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  1. It's a very moist, loaf-shaped spice cake frosted with a white icing that tastes like a cream cheese type frosting.

    I'm sure I've seen it at A&P/ Metro in the last six months. Will let you know if I find it in stock anywhere.

    1. I remember that cake!!! Haven't seen it in quite a while here in FL but it used to be in Publix. What was the brand? Oh, looks like it was A&P's own brand...well, here's a photo of what it looked like and a recipe if anyone's was very good for store-bought, though:

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      1. re: Val

        Middydd and Val, thank you both so much?

        A&P/Metro you say? Wow, please do let me know when it is in stock :)

        Much appreciated.

        1. re: BamiaWruz

          Bamia, I'm not sure that A&P still sells this may want to call them first if it's a special trip for you. Would be a shame if they didn't sell it ... but when you 'google' it, most posts say "they used to sell it." We don't have A&P stores in Florida.

          1. re: Val

            Yes, definitely, I know all the A&P stores around here don't carry it because I went out to look for another baked goods and SO and I covered every supermarket in the area, including others ones in the downtown core. But if Middydd said she saw it then that's great, she'll just have to let me know where.

            1. re: BamiaWruz

              I haven't come across it yet. But will certainly let you know if I find it anywhere. I've got a friend in one of the Metro chain bakery departments, maybe he can help in the quest.

              1. re: middydd

                Ohh thank you so much :) Do let me know, I'm getting so excited about this, hehe.

                Your help is much appreciated.

                1. re: BamiaWruz

                  Superstore has a cake that looks very similar. It's from Oakrun bakery and is called a "Spice Bar Cake". They had a bunch of them today.

                  I've got a bunch of other baked goods stocked up right now, but will try it soon and compare the taste.

                  1. re: middydd

                    Which superstore? Because I live right by one and it's got nothing.. Let me know as I could make a trip to another one. Thanks :)

                    1. re: BamiaWruz

                      I think my local Superstore is farther than you want to make a trip to. But the Bakery that makes the cakes has a web-site, they may be able to tell you which stores stock their cake. Note on the "cake" page, they call the cake "Spanish Bar" Cake but then under ingredients, it's called "Spice Bar Cake".



      2. I was a cook in a nursing home for years, this was a real favorite with the residents, 50's kind of a thing, can't remember the receipe but I'll see if I can find it and return.

          1. New information on Spanish Bar Cakes!!!!
            After much searching and calling I have found a Bakery in Canada that makes Spanish Bar Cakes. I called the Bakery- Oakrun Farm Bakery LTD.,Ancaster, Ontario Canada and they informed me that two Grocery chains in the South carry the Spanish Bar Cake, Lowes Food Stores and Ingles Stores. You can go onto these stores web sites to locate a store near you.
            I contacted the manager at the Lowes Food Store, 1581 New Garden Rd., Greensboro, NC and he graciously called me and told me that he ordered the cakes. I have since purchased 5 of them since Christmas and to the best of my remembrance they taste exactly as they did in the 50's & 60's when we purchased them from now closed local A&P stores. The cakes have two layers, with icing between the layers and aprox. 1/4" icing on top. They measure 8" long x 3-1/2" wide x 2"high. Serving Size 1/6 cake- calories 330/ calories from Fat 90.
            I encourage you to call the managers of your local Lowes Food or Ingles Stores and have them order these delicious cakes to help you bring back the memories from the old days in the South from the A&P Stores

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            1. re: raisin2315

              Thank you raisin, I've looked into that company and they told me they sell it at many grocery stores here, I haven't seen it though but I haven't gone out to look since the holidays and maybe I need to speak to the managers to have it ordered.

              Thanks for the info though, it's that exactly same company :)

              1. re: raisin2315

                Raisin, everyone, thank you!!

                I found the cake yesterday at a food basics, I did call the company so maybe after informing them of 'my' store they decided to have it delivered there. It was yummy, a bit on the sweet side but good with unsweetened tea. Yum!

                Thank you all!

                1. re: raisin2315

                  Oh, I'm afraid not! I bought one of these cakes today outside of Boston and it's not at all like the Spanish Bar of my childhood. First, it was not at all moist like the ones I recall. And the frosting was a tasteless sugary frosting, not cream cheese like the original.

                  1. re: marral

                    Was it from Oakrun bakery?
                    I agree with you about the description, but then again I've never had it before. The frosting is very sweet, not cream cheese and the cake is dense.
                    Your description of it from your childhood sounds delicious!

                    1. re: BamiaWruz

                      Yes, it's from Oakrun. Maybe Canada is just too far from Boston! Of course, I should add that I've eaten nearly the whole thing aready, so it wasn't all that bad :)