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Dec 19, 2008 07:53 PM

Where to take dedicated vegans

My sister and husband are coming into town for the holidays. They are both dedicated and very strict vegans, so much so that they will not even Thai food seasoned with fish sauce.

I'm in need of restaurant suggestions that can satisfy the vegans and also keep a non-vegan chowhound like myself happy. In other words where can I get good vegan and non-vegan food? I live on the westside but will travel as far as East LA.

One thing I'm particularly looking forward is a good Mexican joint where I can get my tacos al pastor fix, and the vegans will be happy as well.

Thanks for any and all suggestions.

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  1. many mexican joints use lard in their beans and lard in their rice, making it practically impossible for a vegan to find enough to eat at those places. sorry, i have no mexican suggestions for you

    there will be plenty of vegan choices at:
    THE SPOT in hermosa beach
    MAO'S KITCHEN in venice and west hollywood

    and there will be one vegan choice at

    for burgers, these places serve good veggie burgers, but i am not sure about whether the buns are vegan or not:
    RAHEL ethiopian on fairfax (this restaurant is entirely vegan)

    also, 26 BEACH RESTAURANT will adapt many of their great salads so that tofu is used as the protein source, making the salads vegan

    there will be some vegan choices at

    1. M Cafe De Chaya is vegan-worthy. Here's Das Ubergeek's solid review. Not everything is vegan, but there are enough great choices to make most very happy.

      Here's a recent thread about good vegan eateries in LA as well:

      1. there's a vegan mexican in the valley. i haven't been but i know about it from vegan friends. search mexican vegan north hollywood should bring it up. lucy's maybe...

        for chinese - happy family if they're strict vegan, and not just picky eaters. many dishes taste like meat but have no meat in them. it's a buddhist place. no meat, fish, eggs, onions, garlic, or alcohol. There may be a dish or two with some dairy. Ask. If they won't go if it's even in the kitchen and not in their dish, then go elsewhere. The dairy dishes will be pretty clear as the use of dairy is rare in most chinese cuisines (but not all).

        Happy Family
        111 N Atlantic Blvd # 351
        Monterey Park, CA 91754

        (626) 282-8986

        MExican -

        11403 Victory Blvd,
        North Hollywood -
        (818) 980-9011

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          i've been to leonors in the valley. it's ok if you like your food to taste like cardboard.. . . .

          we had many dishes, they were all beyond bland.

        2. WIthout a doubt you should go to real food daily. It is a little on the healthy/raw side but there should be plenty for a non-vegan to eat. There is one near 3rd st in SM if you are on the westside...

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            I agree with the suggestion of Real Food Daily. There's also one in West Hollywood on La Cienega just north of Beverly.

            1. re: houndofmusic

              Real Food Daily suffers from the problem many vegan restaurants have -- namely, the avoidance of spices and flavour. I'm not sure why -- chili peppers and all spices and herbs are vegan, but yet nothing tastes like anything at RFD.

              In addition to M Cafe de Chaya, which really is excellent, you could try Madeleine Bistro in Tarzana. The service can be be iffy, but a word in the ear of the hostess when you are seated may help... and while it is 100% vegan, I am an avowed dead-animal eater and I always find things I really like on the menu.

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