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Dec 19, 2008 07:04 PM


would anyone know where to get this, ive tried many many places and they think they have it but they dont i have 3 emails in to delis around in a couple of states, so if anyone else wants this and i find it and like it ill let you know if you want. My grandfather used to get it years ago before he died so im looking for the original taste, not the try to make it version.

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  1. I would think some of the butcher shops up on North Lincoln Avenue would have this--like Paulina Market-I used to get it at Bobak's before they went insane. I would also shoot a call up to Usinger's in Milwaukee

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      i tried those, its just not the same as the stuff im used to but thanks, i think they all make it a lil different now a days

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        web site [] I ordert Mettwurst and Teewurst and having diferent German food. I recevet my shipment per ground Fex metwurst is gd. and tasty like in Deutschland .Was packet with dryIce.

      2. >>My grandfather used to get it years ago before he died so im looking for the original taste, not the try to make <<

        Where did your grandfather get it? From what city in the midwest?

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          he lived in chicago by marquette park and used to get it somewhere in the lithuanian neighborhoods i guess

        2. Kuhns' Deli in Des Plaines has it.

          Not sure where you're located, but I know that Kuhn's ships!

          1. Another suggestion is Walt's Food Centers, a chain in the south and far southwestern burbs. They have stores in South Holland, Crete, and Tinley Park which target a Dutch clientele and mettwurst is a staple in homemade pea soup, a Dutch favorite.

            1. In Germany you can get a product called Mettwuerst or Zweiblemettwuerst that is a cured pork product made with a bacterial culture similar to what is used to make real dry salami. You can buy it in any grocery store or butcher shop. It comes in a plastic casing, sometimes with an onion watermark. They also sell a smoked version that is sometimes in a natural hog casing but usually in a smoke permeable plastic casing. Germans don't cook it but spread it on bread with diced onion and white pepper and a pickle garnish. You can buy these open faced sandwiches in just about any corner bakery throughout Germany.

              I used to buy it at Meyer's and at a place in Morton Grove. I stopped going to Meyer's because the last time I went there the butcher told me they stopped selling it because the Chicago Department of Health revoked their permit. The place in Morton Grove where I also used to buy it, told me that they couldn't get the casings from their supplier (I suspect DOH is the real reason). The only other place I've found is in Madison. They had a fire since the last time I was there so their retail store has limited hours, but they do mail order and ship frozen.

              Stieglemeier's sells something called mettwurst, but it's a pulverized meat product. Whereas Zweibelmettwurst comes somewhere between a fine grind and a coarse grind on my Kitchen Aid meat grinder, Stieglemeir's is more like I've run it through the food processor until it is smooth like baby food. It also has an artificial orange color to it.