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mackwack Dec 19, 2008 06:46 PM

i dont know, but i like the zinfandels, i absolutely loved this wine i bought at long grove il it was just a peach wine, simple fruity not a strong peachy taste but smooth as can be absolutely delicious no bitterness to after taste GREAT

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  1. z
    zin1953 RE: mackwack Dec 20, 2008 12:27 PM

    Umm . . . OK. Care to share the name of this wine with the rest of us?

    1. v
      Val RE: mackwack Dec 20, 2008 12:53 PM

      Kind of interesting that mack brought up the subject of fruit wine...Publix here in Naples recently showcased Keel & Curley Blueberry wine produced in Plant City, FL and offered samples. I ended up purchasing the semi-dry blueberry one for $11. Certainly not complex but pretty nice anyway, 12% alcohol--supposedly there are good health benefits, too, since the blueberries are fermented in their skins. She didn't have the dry variety to sample. She said a medical doctor had just purchased a case to gift to his office staff and I was like "yeah, okay"--then she showed me his card. Whatever, I might buy another bottle sometime.

      1. Bill Hunt RE: mackwack Dec 22, 2008 05:46 PM

        Going back many, many years at a ZAP event, I tasted the Peachy Canyon (forget now whether Eastside, Westside or other), and the big note on it was... hold on...



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