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Dec 19, 2008 06:46 PM


i dont know, but i like the zinfandels, i absolutely loved this wine i bought at long grove il it was just a peach wine, simple fruity not a strong peachy taste but smooth as can be absolutely delicious no bitterness to after taste GREAT

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  1. Umm . . . OK. Care to share the name of this wine with the rest of us?

    1. Kind of interesting that mack brought up the subject of fruit wine...Publix here in Naples recently showcased Keel & Curley Blueberry wine produced in Plant City, FL and offered samples. I ended up purchasing the semi-dry blueberry one for $11. Certainly not complex but pretty nice anyway, 12% alcohol--supposedly there are good health benefits, too, since the blueberries are fermented in their skins. She didn't have the dry variety to sample. She said a medical doctor had just purchased a case to gift to his office staff and I was like "yeah, okay"--then she showed me his card. Whatever, I might buy another bottle sometime.

      1. Going back many, many years at a ZAP event, I tasted the Peachy Canyon (forget now whether Eastside, Westside or other), and the big note on it was... hold on...