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Dec 19, 2008 05:50 PM

Baby food ideas

I've been feeding my 8 month old twins home made babyfood since they were about 6 months old, and I want to start giving them foods with more flavors. So far, I've been sticking to really basic things like peas, carrots butternut squash or sweet potatos, cereals mixed with bananas or applesauce. We just started on whole milk yogurt this week...and even added some tahini and flax seed to soft tofu. (Really healthy....) All of this stuff is really bland, and I want to start giving them stronger flavors

What other kinds of foods can i give them? I'm not interested in starting them on meats yet... eventually we'll do that, but as a vegetarian, I'm not ready to start down that road just yet!

I also work full time, so it needs to be easy to find, easy to steam,or bake and mush up with a stick mixer! Fresh or frozen veggies or things easily found at a good grocery store....

I've found that making my own baby food is SO much cheaper than buying the stuff in the jars, and I can control what i feed long as I have the food in my house!


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  1. Would mashed black beans be okay? With a little garlic and cumin? Even Mommy could eat that -- in tacos with lettuce, cheese, and salsa.

    1. they are really old enough to start eating a bit of what you're eating as long as they've had the primary components already--at least give it a try-- you may be surprised at how easily they take to it. Just mush it up or get a mini food mill. Certainly by 10 months my kids were completely off "baby food"

      1. First off, let me say I am impressed you find time to care for twins, and make baby food, I am very impressed! You sound like a wonderful mother- how lucky your twins are! how about mashed cauliflower or broccoli? Dark greens, kale, collards, escarole, are great if they are sauteed then given a whirl in the FP and have lots of iron. A puree of fava beans, mint and lemon zest is yummy for them and great on a crostini with some shaved pecorino for you,

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          They don't love brocolli, but im going to try it again... just bought a big bag of frozen broc@market! With the greens, I've heard there is an issue with nitrates in them... at least thats what a few books I've read say. (I'm not sure what to ignore, and what to pay attention to) I always have frozen spinach in the house!

          Hmmm.. siracha, I have big bottle of that in my fridge!

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            I just want to say that fava beans can be dangerous for children under 6, where I come from their not advised for babies at all as they could give them seizures. I've seen it happen to relatives.

            "Fava beans - Most other beans are fine for kids but there is a strong risk with Fava beans since some people deficient in a certain enzymes are unable to process fava-bean toxins, which begin destroying red blood cells. In babies, this can be fatal."


            There is a lot more out there, I think it's called "favism" but this is just a warning.
            I'm middle eastern, turkish-kurdish and over there people are usually worried about their young kids eating it because they often need to be rushed to the hospitals, on the other hand my egyptian mother says that kids in egypt have been eating fava beans (as it's a staple) since they're born and nothing ever happens to them. Immunity perhaps? I don't know but I wouldn't want any harm to come to your twins.

            Good luck :)

          2. Along th lines of Channa, hummus? Or perhaps a soup you've made for yourselves buzzed up for them? I have a 17 mo. old and have also made all of his food-- it is fun and easy. You could also try introducing a bit of onion into whatever you make-- but go easy since it gave our boy a lot of gas! I have also done a good "smoothie" for our son with banana, whole oats (uncooked), whole yogurt, a bit of honey (optional, since your bebes are too young!), and a dash of cinnamon. I also read somewhere that in countries with spicier cuisine, moms introduce their kids to very spicy things by adding a tiny bit to their food-- like maybe a dot of siracha or something. I have never tried it, but it seemed interesting...

            1. Good for you for doing your own baby food!

              When my kids were small we fed them what we were having. At 8 months you probably are still introducing foods but do it based on what the family meal is. At a year my kids were eating ethnic foods with us. We had a little manual food mill that went to restaurants with us and they ate Indian, Thai, Mexican, what have you.

              Two of the three have adventurous palates and enjoy food.