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Dec 19, 2008 05:39 PM

Shanghai soup dumplings?

Anyone know where I can find a good Shanghai style soup dumplings in the DC metro area? In chinese, they are known as "xiao long bao".

I'm looking for something that rivals Joe Shangai in NYC. The few places I've tried that dish here been huge disappointments, particularly A&J's.

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  1. You can do a search on this board. This has been asked several times before, and there are a myriad of responses. My own take is that there is nothing here as good as the xiao long bao you'd find in NY (or NJ for that matter). If you lower your standards, the dumplings are still tasty, but not terrific.

    1. We have nothing like Joe's Shanghai in the DC area. Any XLB you find here will be more like regular dumplings but wetter. Chinatown Express in DC has them. The condiments on the table make them a very good cheap lunch.

      1. As others have said, there isn't anything that compares with Joe's Shanghai in NYC.

        I've been disappointed with Chinatown Express in DC my last few visits there. A&J I like a lot, but xiao long bao is not something they're especially great at. North China in Bethesda and Shanghai Cafe in Potomac do respectable versions.

        1. The best one I've found is actually pre-made stuff at a chinese grocery store frozen food section and I steam it at home. Compare to NY and SF not great but passible. Better than anything around DC that I've found.

          Just picked up a new brand I haven't tried yet called soupy dumpling. I hope its good.

          1. Peking Village on Gallows has very good dumplings. They do a great northern Chinese brunch.

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              Is that in the same strip mall as Great Wall? What are some other notable dishes there? It's funny b/c I know the names of all my favorite dishes in Chinese but I'm not really able to read them.

              1. re: ffxjack

                Yes, a few doors north of the supermarket.

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                  I like to start with a fried cruller then juicy buns, pot stickers, steamed dumplings, pan fried buns, leeks turnovers, ma la tendon, tripe, etc. Not able to read Chinese could be a problem since most places give you piece of paper in Chinese and you have to check off what you want. Peking Village & A&J have similar brunch items. A&J has more variety of noodles (they serve Taiwansese food) while Peking Village has more spicy food (Sichuan cuisine).

                  1. re: Ericandblueboy

                    Is the peking village a buffet place?

                    1. re: Soup

                      Peking Village in Merrifield has been closed a few months now. There's a Peruvian chicken place there.