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Dec 19, 2008 05:31 PM

If You Could Have One Bottle... Any Bottle

Thought it would be fun to ask what wine you'd want if you could choose ANY wine in the world for free. Perhaps you had it once and were blown away by it... or a wine that you've never tried but always wanted to.

Price is not to be a factor... it must be a wine you'd drink... not pick a wine that's super expensive just so you can say you'd sell it.

I don't want to influence the replies so I'll wait a bit to add what I'm thinking of...

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  1. 1931 Quinta do Noval Nacional Vintage Porto.

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    1. re: zin1953

      Wow. A legendary wine that most consider the greatest port of the 20th Century. I've never had it but it's one that I'd too love to try. I've had the 1963 Nacional which was fantastic. Friends who's had the 31say it lives up to the reputation.

      1. re: WineAG

        It's one of a tiny handful of legendary Vintage Ports that has escaped me . . .

      2. re: zin1953

        I was in Porto a couple of months ago and was amazed by the vintage ports that were for sale in many little shops. 1900 port for $1600 dollars. I simply couldn't believe they kept it in the storefront windows!

        1. re: zin1953

          I have to second this reply. Next, would probably the '55 Taylor-Fladgate, as I have never really tasted it.


        2. 1947 Cheval-Blanc. A magnum please.

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          1. re: mengathon

            Another legendary wine. I've been lucky enough to try it on a few occasions. Appropriate that it comes right after the mention of the Quinta National... as this Bordeaux is almost port-like. Very a-typical... incredible concentration. I remember the finish lasting forever.

            Since you mentioned the 47, for those who may be interested... I recently received notice of a wine dinner centered around the 1947 Cheval Blanc to be held in Boston at Troquet Restaurant on Jan 14, 2009. Also pouring the 1985, 1983, 1982, 1990. Expectedly, not cheap. For anyone interested, contact Troquet or email me directly and I'll send you the details.

            1. re: WineAG

              Oh my. For budgetary reasons, I'd rather not know the details.

              I have a feeling this will be a great thread. I bet it stirs up lots of fond memories and prospects for the future.

              1. re: WineAG

                my absolute favorite resto in boston, for precisely that reason... wine dinners like that. i happened to be there on a night where there was a collector's dinner featuring Unico from 13 or so vintages... and was lucky enough to get to taste some phenomenal old wines. and the food is magnificent.

              2. Sommeracher Katzenkopf 1976 Rieslaner Beerensauslese. Definitively the best sweet wine I've ever had. (See photo)

                  1. re: whiner

                    90 LT is a phenomenal wine... one of the greats. My greatest La Tache experience was the 71 from magnum (incredible sweet fruit and a finish that never ended... followed by the 78 (mostly great bottles with a few that didn't live up to what it should be). The 78 is more powerful than the 71. Good bottles are insanely great. Another great vintage, the 1962 is one I've always wanted to try. The 1990 is a powerhouse. Last time I had it was about 7 years ago... still a baby. It does seem to fit the mold of legendary LTs and will be long lived.

                    Another point... the 1990 vintage may be the greatest "across the board" (all types of wines from all countries) vintage of our lifetime.

                    1. re: WineAG

                      The 1959 La Tâche was incredible, but my favorite DRC of all time is 1962 Romanée-Conti.

                      1. re: zin1953

                        I've longed for the 62 LT... the RC must be other-worldly.

                        Since were on 1962.... another great 62... Vega Sicilia... I love this wine... along with the 70... Favorite Vega, however, is the 1968.

                        1. re: zin1953

                          I know several people who have had the '59 La Tache and claim it as thier favorite wine of all time. So maybe I should have said '62 R-C :-)

                    2. 1961 Latour -- cuz I was born in that year. And this is pure fantasy. I don't expect I'll have a Bordeaux from my birth year when I turn fifty (or any other age, for that matter).

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                      1. re: Brad Ballinger

                        This is my choice too. Around 30 years ago -- when I was just beginning to learn about wines -- I was privileged to attend a tasting of the 1961 first growths. Latour was my favorite then and I expect would still be today. I've never had any of the 61s again and don't know that I ever will. But the nostalgia factor plus the quality of this wine would make it my first choice.

                        1. re: chriscatva

                          61 Latour is another fantastic choice... a beauty, such power... Up there with Latour a Pomerol, Petrus, Haut Brion, La Mission Haut Brion, Trotanoy, and Palmer as my favorite 61's. All quite different but all amazing.

                          1. re: chriscatva

                            The 1970 Latour, to this day, is the best wine that I have tasted (in '92).

                          2. re: Brad Ballinger

                            You and I both. For the same reasons. Classic year and too much $$$.