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Dec 19, 2008 03:48 PM

Kahuna's Tiki Bar & Grill - January 2009

There's a new sign where the Curra's Long Bar used to be at Parmer & McNeil (behind the Starbucks) for Kahuna's Tiki Bar & Grill with a website listed:

The site just has a splash page saying they're opening next month, and linking to an e-mail address for employment opportunities.

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  1. Kahuna's Icehouse may or may not still be in Lakeway. At any rate, their website redirects to Kahuna's Tiki Bar and Grill.

    Our experience at Kahuna's Icehouse was not good. Unfortunately, I don't remember anything about the food. There was a couple there that was behaving very, very obscenely so we ended up leaving quickly. Clearly they were going for the "shock" factor and were very successful. Initially, it was funny in a ridiculous way... then just disgusting.

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      Kahuna's in Lakeway will be closing if it hasn't already. It's unfortunate as I thought it was ok for midweek takeout, though it went a bit downhill a few months after they opened. I liked the buffalo chicken and pulled pork sandwiches; not enough to go way up north for them though! I would order a pulled pork sandwich and put some Jim's BBQ sauce on it that I ordered from NC.

      Thankfully, we have some decent takeout options with more and more restaurants opening in the Galleria.

    2. The location near lakeway has closed. Too bad because it was pretty good. The burgers are great, as well as the salads. I think the problem was more with the specific location than the food or service. The location seems to suffer from bad fung shui or something as nothing stays there for long.