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Dec 19, 2008 03:03 PM

Wonderful place for lunch around Wayne/Devon

We are looking for a great place in the wayne/devon area to take our firend for lunch. Her husband has been very ill for 4 months and she needs to go someplace pretty and light-hearted that serves alcohol:) We are looking for great food and NOT a staid atmosphere. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated!
Happy Holidays!

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  1. How about Maia in Villanova- not too far from Wayne. You have the option of upstairs/downstairs depending on your mood.

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      The Paddock is a new place on US 30 across from Braxton's and the Acme/Kmart plaza. It used to be John Harvards, which was a dump. The new owners really turned things around: they spent 4 million renovating the place. I thought the food was very good. I had a caesar salad starter, followed by crab cakes. They were spot on. Spouse ordered a lobster ravioli that was tremendous. We also tried a melted cheese/crab dip, truffle oil french fries and a starter plate of ribs. All were great. You can sit on the more subdued 'restaurant' side OR on the 'bar' half, which is a bit livelier, brighter and has a slew of big screen tvs that surround a big bar.

    2. I've heard that Nectar is good for lunch. Other options: Susanna Foo in St. David's, and 333 Belrose in Radnor.