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Dec 19, 2008 02:35 PM

Healthy Living Burlington Vermont

I have not had need to go there since they relocated and remodeled, but today my beloved had need to goto the dentist (which is just around the corner.) I also have been looking to pickup some malt syrup for a korean recipe (which I found here on chowhound.) Since I had struck out at all of the usual places I thought since we were mere doors away we should try out their new digs.
And then I entered the seventh level of poorly organized hippie hell.
I've been in used bookstores and thrift shops with better senses of traffic flow and organization. I've been in junkyards car shredding plants with better sense. Going in this place to find something makes going to Home Despot to buy a glass cutter look like a cake walk.
At one point I lost track of where my beloved might be...I found the wedge of cheese in the maze long before I found her. All the while dodging the doe eyed staff.
Beware, this place is pretty, but it is so to lure you in and never let you out.
(By the way I also think that all Shaw's are built on Indian Burial grounds.)

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. I've been there now a handful of times and get lost every time. The first time I went I got completely lost and was dizzy and a bit nauseous by the time I found the registers. Each time I go I end up walking in circles, seeing the same things, and never finding what I want! I do almost all of my shopping at City Market. The prices are right; the size works for me; and they have virtually everything I want. I stop into Shaws or Hannafords occasionally for the things City Market doesn't carry or charges an absurdly high price for.

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        I agree...I cannot stand the layout of that store and do not shop there because of it. I much prefer Natural Provisions in Williston.

      2. I read interviews with the woman and her son who own Healthy Living bragging about their "unique" design/floor plan.

        My wife likes to buy bulk spices and nuts from there, but the new floor plan is a really confusing undulating figure eight design of some sort, it's just the strangest thing, and no matter how many times we go in there to buy spices and nuts, we can never find what we are looking for easily.

        I, too, think Shaws is mind-numbingly ordinary, but sometimes ordinary is preferable to the kind of bizarre, non-customer friendly layout at Healthy Living. What on earth were they thinking?

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          Try being a Republican and shopping there. Truly a horrifying experience !