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Dec 19, 2008 02:17 PM

good taco place in Beaverton/Aloha

Just found a good taco place that I think is new (could be wrong). Called Chavitas, Just off 185th. If you are driving south on 185th headed towards the TV highway make the last left you can make before you get to the TV highway and you will see it.

The guy makes his own super soft tortillas, the meats are tender and fresh, the tamales are pretty outstanding. Only caveat is it is one guy on his own, and he can be pretty slow (actually my theory is that there might be something about his made to order philosophy that slows things down--he looks like he works pretty hard). If you aren't in a hurry, it is definately worth the wait.

Perfect if you work at one of the Intel or Nike campuses nearby! Am blatantly posting because it doesn't seem that crowded and i worry he might go out of business and then i would lose access to good tacos (no other motive though).

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  1. Sounds good. What kind of tacos do you order? How much are they per taco? Doesn't surprise me that he makes tamales if he's also making his own tortillas.

    1. cant say as I have tried that one there(have tried the truck that sits at the corner of 185th and TV hiway in the BIg Lots parking lot. ok, decent carnitas. better options in that hood) but the true gem where we are talking is the El Salvadorian place(exact name escapes me but salvadorian is in the name). great Papusa''s and a great sandwich that i dont remember the name of either, but its stuffed with your choice of meats(carnitas, al pastor, asada, etc.) a mayo-e sauce, veggies and condiments on a really good baguette style bun(softer, with a more yeilding crust) that is phenominal! its good sized and at $4 you cant beat the price. bonus for the owner being a hell of a nice guy.

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        You're talking about Sabor Salvadoreno. I was going to do a blog post about it after I visit a third time, but yeah that place is great.

        1. re: SauceSupreme

          It's actually just behind Sabor Salvadoreno, down the side street the tiniest way! We were going to go for pupusas one day but then saw this other place as we went to park and took a chance. THis guy does not do pupusas. I liked this place much better, though I'm not the hugest pupusa gal in general.

          Tacos are $1.50. I've had the asada, carnitas and the pastor, all of which were great.

          1. re: drdawn

            I remember seeing a taqueria last time I left Sabor also. Yeah that place looked totally intriguing.

            If it weren't for the fact that Portland has ground to a halt with all this snow, I'd totally be there.

      2. Picked up a business card.

        Chavita's Foods
        18385 SW Alexander St
        Aloha, OR 97006