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Dec 19, 2008 02:13 PM

Prime Rib Roast--Best Price?

I'm looking for the best price for a quality prime rib roast. I'd love dry aged, but the price goes up considerably. Here's where I've checked so far:

Ottomanelli's--they said $14.99 supposedly for prime dry aged--I thnk the girl on the phone may have beeen mistaken. I think this is the price for Prime--not dry aged.

Fairway--Prime $10.99, $20.99 prime dry aged

Citarella--$20.99 prime dry aged

Espositos--$12.99 prime.

I'd go to Fairway, but I've found their prime meats to be hit or miss.

Any other ideas for a quality piece of meat at a fair price?? Thanks.

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  1. Ottomanelli's is not 15/lb for dry aged, you are correct.

    11/lb for Prime,not aged, is very cheap but you mentioned hit or miss and I would not trust them to be on the level. Flame on people.

    13/lb is quite good too but I don'tknow Esposito's from Jack.

    I get whole rib roast from LaFrieda. Cheaper(changes a bit) than these but it is less trimmed, I believe, than the retail roasts so factor that into the price. It is still the same or less than your cheapest option. Meat kicked, too, of course even from an honest seller there is the chance you get a sub par one if it is not completely checked out and picked over.

    If you know how to judge meat by sight, pretty well, go with what looks good/price.
    If your hunch is that it is rubbish, you are probably correct.

    If the meat is really good, 21/lb for dry aged is not so terrible. This is Manhttan, the most expensive city in the country. Try buying good meat outside of NYC, it is insane. Or the people who ORDER meat online. If you have 50/lb to spend on meat, you should have enough money in your account to buy your own herd.

    Good luck

    1. Try Grace's. The one on the island has it on sale for 19.99 for dry aged.

      1. Simchick Meats on 1st Ave and 54th had the dry-aged on sale for $16.99 over the last couple of weeks. I purchased on 2 occasions and the meat were tender, very tasty and very good quality.

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          That's a great price--I'll give Simchick a try.