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Dec 19, 2008 01:48 PM

[DFW] Cowboys BBQ and Ribs

Has anyone heard of this "place". I just read an article in the paper stating that they would be occupying the old Railhead location on 121 in Colleyville (next to La Hacienda Ranch) in 2/09. Since I'd never heard of it, I googled it and it seems that the current business operates from a web-based "storefront" selling meats and other bbq related products and also tours the bbq cookoff circuit. Just wondering if this may be something to anticipate. I would imagine not, but then perhaps there are surprises on the horizon.

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  1. Yes, Cowboys BBQ will knock your socks off.... it's that good. I know some people at my church who have traveled 50+ miles for his ribs and brisket.

    1. Saw they opened this week, but haven't been. I did find one of those half off deals for the restaurant if anyone is interested.

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        Brad, thanks for the coupon link.

        Due to the number of vehicles in the parking lot a couple of weeks ago, I thought they were open and happened in during the lunch hour. Well, they weren't, but I got to talking with a guy who's a long term friend of the owner, then the owner also came out. From what I learned, they will have sit down service with menus, ie, no buffet line and I believe there was mention of steak and catfish (?) also on the menu. Furnishings were custom ordered and installed. So, with it being as close as it is, I'll definitely check it out if for no other reason, curiosity, but will give it a few weeks before doing so.

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        1. I visted on Sunday, and I have this to say. Owner Mark Gabrick brought in local BBQ legend Dallas Green, winner of countless national BBQ competitions, to start a brand new (we're talking three days old) BBQ joint in the former Colleyville location of Railhead Smokehouse. Because this joint just opened, I'll cut it a little slack since they need some time to work out the kinks. One of these kinks includes having to haul in a portable smoker to sit in the parking lot until their second smoker arrives in a few weeks. On this busy Sunday afternoon, they were understaffed due to some employee call-ins, but the remaining staff kept up their pace to serve the many customers. I sat at the bar which is designed more for standing than sitting. There's little leg room so my knees bumped against the rough-hewn Austin stone beneath the bar. The beer taps along the bar sat tauntingly as this joint waits for their liquor license, so I ordered an iced tea which wanted for some filtered water.

          The menu here gives surprisingly little attention to the traditional BBQ items. Appetizers, salads and steaks seem to be the focus, but as expected, I ordered a plate of brisket, ribs and the waiter recommended sausage. The tender meat of the St. Louis ribs were covered by a dark crust that also hid the layers of fat remaining on the ribs. The meat had a deep red color, and good smokiness with good flavor once the fat was scraped away. The sausage had a medium grind, mild spiciness and a slight snap to the casing. The flavor was pleasing, but lacked complexity. The brisket on the other hand was complexing. The plate arrived with slices so laden with unrendered fat it resembled medium rare bacon. I took a bite for journalistic integrity, then, for the first time in my reviewing career, I sent an item back. The obliging waiter quickly returned with a plate of lean brisket with a delicate crust and moderate smokeline. The slices were moist and tender to the point of falling apart. Outside the crust, the smoky flavor receded into roast beefyness, but the overall flavor was satisfactory. I look forward to a return trip to see if the meat reaches its competition winning potential once this joint's staff and smoker settle in. I also can't wait for a few more of those onion rings.

          -BBQ Snob @ Full Custom Gospel BBQ.

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            Appreciate the thorough review, based on that, I'm convinced to make the trip to Coleyville. Glad to see we've got access to good brisket within a short drive!

          2. If it's just good BBQ you want and it's either Fri, Sat or Sun, head over to North Main BBQ in Euless about 10 mins away. That's Dallas Green's full time gig and it won't cost you near as much to get the real deal. You won't get table service or a range of menu items, just all you can eat BBQ for about $10-12. Or pick up to go items ala carte. And oh, yes no bar either, it's BYOB.