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Dec 19, 2008 01:21 PM

What food gifts did you make / buy this year ?

I have my usual slew of local wines / port and variety chocolates to give this year, but also some things like lavender, pomegranate and rose jellies, lobster antipasto, as well, as of today, some deer meat for my Dad (thanks to a fellow generous co-worker ! ). I have spices, dip mixes etc etc. I seem to give a lot of food gifts !

As for stuff i've made, gone and going to coworkers and friends in pretty tins and plastics:
-peanut brittle
-coffee walnut toffee with white and dark chocolate
-white chocolate bark with macadamia nuts and cranberries
-chocolate tortoises (basicall peanut butter/butterscotch/nut cluster things)
-rum raisin fudge
-bittersweet chocolate fudge with ginger

How about you !?

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  1. What a great idea for a thread! And how ambitious you are! Sounds delicious!

    Well, we aren't even half as energetic in the kitchen, but we did send out a few things (now, don't laugh!):

    1. Harry & David Pears. OK All of our friends and siblings have reached a 'certain age' and can't eat this or that or the other thing, but these pears are just delicious and they all seem to like/eat them. I know some people get several boxes of the pears from different friends/clients/patients, but they can always re-gift, we think!

    2. Esther Price Candy. The best buy in good chocolates and made right here in Ohio. And these days we send out the bittersweet/semisweet candies (of course for 'health' reasons!)

    3. Now for the homemade~~we had a delightful time baking yeasty 'Christmas wreaths' from a recipe in the Food Processor Bread Book. Everyone loves these (I make them every year), and I don't know why they are always so surprised to find out I made them myself! Oh, well.

    4. The last thing we baked (that I'll mention) are our St. Nicholas Spekulaitus cookies from our German Christmas Baking cookbook. These never fail to impress and are easy to make if you have the right equipment (the wooden molds).. Declicious with Oolong Tea, too.

    I would love to hear what everyone else sends out. Tis the season, and I could use some new ideas!

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    1. re: dumas

      I've sent Harry & David pears/apples/cheddar/nuts this year to my family...they are really great quality. In our office, we've received a multitude of gift baskets from the attorneys we work with but they are ALL trashy carbs--chocolates, cookies, small cakes. Not to sound ungrateful (and they will all receive thank you notes signed by all of us on our estate settlement team) but it is surprising how little fruit seems to be sent. None of us are on restricted diets but we might need to be if this keeps up. Our plan for this coming week is to give lots of it to others in our building who may not have received baskets, which we started to do on Thursday. It's becoming ridiculous. A number of us have volunteered to take unopened items to the local shelter, too, since they are in such need.

    2. Back to basics this year. Starting now on 5 cookies: baklava, a bar version of Linzer torte, meringue puffs w/ crushed candy canes and chocolate bits, pumpkin spice bread, and oatmeal chocolate chip dried cherry. Also attractively piled whole in shell nuts (walnut, pecan, filbert, almond) into mini ceramic Christmas themed loaf pans. Families report the kids thrilled at seeing them for the first time and getting to whack them open.

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      1. re: torty

        oh, I have a box of phyllo that keeps giving me dirty looks every time i open the freezer....

        1. re: geminigirl

          It's amazing how expressive phyllo dough can manage those dirty looks! The venison can manage it too somehow.

      2. A box from Nueske's for good friends with bacon, canadian bacon, ham, and buffalo steaks. For the owners of my local cheese shop and for all the employees of my beauty salon, trays of baklava and galactoboureko(which I made). Harbor sweets and pistachio nuts from California for friends and relatives.

        1. so far...

          maple walnut
          cherry almond
          cinnamon pecan

          granola bars:
          cherry chocolate chip
          apple cinnamon with currants

          chili chai walnuts
          sweet & spicy curried cashews
          tea-glazed almonds with ginger & sesame

          1. boxes of
            small loaves of Gramercy Tavern Ginger Bread(made with orval beer instead of Guinness)
            cream cake (from the 1950 Betty Crocker Picture Book....easy and Soooooo Delish)
            Nigella Lawsons fudge from Domestic Goddess
            Chocolate Caramel from The Settlement Cookbook
            Bridge Mix Brittle
            Hermit Cake from my MILs famous recipe

            I rearely get to sample any of these, but I hear they are good.

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            1. re: jill kibler

              ooh bridge mix brittle, what goes in there?

              1. re: im_nomad

                Standard peanut brittle recipe using a good bridge mix instead of peanuts. (Our work place is a peanut free environment, so this modification was necessary.) I chop the Brazil nuts so they arent too big compared to the rest of the nuts.