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Dec 19, 2008 01:15 PM

My last try at a Wolfgang

I've been to Chinios in Santa Monica a few times and the most memorable part was the Chinese Chicken Salad, but really, my Chinese aunt can whip one in seconds and for free.

Afterwards, I decided I wanted to try Spago. You always hear about Spago, like it's the legend of LA. My boyfriend and I went there and I could not be more disappointed. The appetizer was beautifully plated, but totally lacked any flavor (It was some asapargus salad), and then our entrees were the complete opposite. It looked like someone threw a slab of meat on our plate and garnished it with bad stir fry veggies. And it was sooooo heavy in fat and rich in flavor that I could have felt healthier walking out of Jack in the Box.

I still haven't written off Wolfgang restaurants...I play it like baseball! So I've been curious to try Cut...any feedback? Is there a Wolfgang restaurant (aside from Chinios and Spago) that you would reccomend over Cut?

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  1. Spago is really about the tasting menu. It may not be the best in town, but I've always enjoyed it.

    Cut is also very nice. The waygu steak is to die for.

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      I completely agree about Spago's tasting menu. I went in October and had an absolutely amazing dinner there. (It completely overshadowed my dinner at Alex in Las Vegas a week later.) I've had the tasting menu at Spago twice and the regular menu once. Except for the agnelotti with truffles, the regular menu does not excite me very much.

    2. imho, the thing to order at chinois is the deep fried catfish and the mushrooms.