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Dec 19, 2008 12:18 PM


My parents recently moved to the Pikesville/Owings Mills area and we are looking for restaurants that might be geared for senior citizens. Both use walkers, so mobility is definitely an issue. Type of food, location and price are not really issues in that we will be driving them and do not mind giving them a tour of the area while we go to eat. Again, the most important thing is that they are comfortable in the restaurant. Thanks-

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  1. try the peppermill on york rd.

    1. Suburban House is not the best food but its Jewish style deli (not kosher) that is packed with elderly people. Its the type of place that my grandparents love. Its on Reisterstown Rd in Pikesville.

      1. peppermill is over north of towson and is ok, slow, very accomodating to those on walkers, pleasant, lot of old regulars. office building ground floor. suburban house is only comfortable in mind only to those with deli nostalgia and has seen better days, not too confortable or easy for walkers. lenny's in owngs mills is easier for walkers, except you might get their order at the cafeteria counter for them, but again is pedestrian in setting. if price is no object, linwood's is a treat, not that hard for walkers and is in owings mills.

        1. Captain Harvey's would be a nice restaurant for your parents. It has a cozy atmosphere, good basic seafood, chicken, steak, pasta preparations, and is very accommodating for all ages. FoiGras

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