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My parents recently moved to the Pikesville/Owings Mills area and we are looking for restaurants that might be geared for senior citizens. Both use walkers, so mobility is definitely an issue. Type of food, location and price are not really issues in that we will be driving them and do not mind giving them a tour of the area while we go to eat. Again, the most important thing is that they are comfortable in the restaurant. Thanks-

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  1. try the peppermill on york rd.

    1. Suburban House is not the best food but its Jewish style deli (not kosher) that is packed with elderly people. Its the type of place that my grandparents love. Its on Reisterstown Rd in Pikesville.

      1. peppermill is over north of towson and is ok, slow, very accomodating to those on walkers, pleasant, lot of old regulars. office building ground floor. suburban house is only comfortable in mind only to those with deli nostalgia and has seen better days, not too confortable or easy for walkers. lenny's in owngs mills is easier for walkers, except you might get their order at the cafeteria counter for them, but again is pedestrian in setting. if price is no object, linwood's is a treat, not that hard for walkers and is in owings mills.

        1. Captain Harvey's would be a nice restaurant for your parents. It has a cozy atmosphere, good basic seafood, chicken, steak, pasta preparations, and is very accommodating for all ages. FoiGras

          1. Brasserie Tatin has a ramp to the entrance, and is spacious enough to handle walkers. The crowd is genial and quiet.

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              The Sun says BTatin closed. Never understood why a copy of Petit Louis with lower execution at the same price but worse parking would fly. To be replaced by Italian by Boccaccio's staff, reportedly. Captain Harvey is almost the same price as the more sophisticated, dressier Linwoods at lower execution but good staff warmth. Advantages for walkers are a shorter door-to-table movement, and more privacy/less being on display.

            2. Another big vote for the Peppermill Restaurant on York Road. Nice ambiance and good food. Excellent cream of crab soup.

              Going in the opposite direction, south along the beltway, I would suggest Snyders Willow Grove on North Hammonds Ferry Road It's right off the beltway.


              And very close to Snyders is the Olive Grove Restaurant.

              And then continuing Southeast on the beltway, the Sunset Restaurant in Glen Burnie.

              The Candle Light Inn on Frederick Road in Catonsville would be a good choice for ambiance, but it is a converted house and I didn't take note of walker accessibility.

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              1. I would like to recommend Cafe Hon in Hampden. We brought my wife's 92 yo grandmother there a few weeks ago and could fit her wheelchair through the front door. The staff was friedly and it was quiet enough that she could hear the conversation. Food is so-so for a foodie, but great for a 92 year old.

                Cafe Hon
                1002 W 36th St, Baltimore, MD 21211

                1. If you ever come into downtown DC, my votes go to Tosca and Corduroy. Both are quiet (excellent for those who have trouble hearing in noisy places), spacious, and have comfortable seating, valet parking, elevators, etc. And the food was good last time I ate at each place, though it was over a year ago.

                  Corduroy Restaurant
                  1201 K St NW, Washington, DC 20005

                  Ristorante Tosca
                  F Street, NW, Washington, DC

                  1. Absolutely, SUBURBAN HOUSE, PEPPERMILL, WING-WAH for Chinese and just up the road is the fairly new, PASTICCIO for Italian. The prices at all these places are quite reasonable and the food is basic but good. I would suggest Snyder's but mercifully they they have closed. With the exception of The Peppermill, the others are located within a half-mile radius of each other.

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                      "I would suggest Snyder's but mercifully they they have closed."

                      I don't know which Snyders you are referring to, but Snyders Willow Grove is open.

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                        Cafe Hon's food is basic basic basic, but the soups are always good and Hampden is super cute. My 88 year-old grandmother has trouble getting around a bit, but loves to feel like she's going somewhere-A trip to someplace like Hampden takes her completely out of her element. A perfect day for her.

                        Our parents/families may be old, but they deserve better than Suburban House. Ick.

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                          100% agreement on Suburban House -- omelets OK, smoked fish tolerable, all else is a shanda.

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                          No, Hon. I'm referring to the Snyder's that used to be in Owings Mills.

                      2. Thanks for all your suggestions-they are appreciated.

                        1. If you're looking for comfort and accessability for seniors.....Suburban House definitely is what you're looking for. Their experienced waitstaff will make your parents think they are in Miami ! Not gourmet food, but huge porions and a great value for the money.

                          1. ..and while we're on the subject what ever happened to corned beef with enough fat on it to give it some flavor? Lean corned beef is dry as a bone and if you ask for non-lean you get nothing but fat.