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Dec 19, 2008 12:08 PM

Texas foods that travel

My boyfriend and I want to bring some Austin or Texas foods to Louisiana for his family to try over the holidays. So far we've thought of sausage from Lockhart and Bee Butter from the Bee Cave Honey Company. We need some more/better ideas!

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  1. Austin Slow Burn Green Chile Jam
    Miles of Chocolate
    Taco Xpress Chimichurri

    1. I'm not a huge candy fan but my neice recently gave a hostess gift to a college friend's family at Thanksgiving of Lamb's Longhorn's. Those are the carmel pecan clusters. They were such a hit that the mother of this friend let a FEW people taste ONE and then she hid them for herself.

      My neice has already been asked to bring more when she returns to NH from Austin at Christmas.

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        That's so funny, I have to bring these to my family every time I visit them. I never really thought much of them, or that they were anything you couldn't get anywhere else. Now I know!

        I used to always bring my grandfather Texas Grapefruit. He and my grandmother thought they were the best. My brother always asks for tortillas and good salsa.

      2. You gotta bring Texas Beer!! And how about some BBQ Sauce from Stubb's???

        1. mary louise butter's brownies!

          1. Don't forget a sixpack of Saint Arnold beer and Tito's vodka-they travel really good!
            If you hit the Sunset Valley Farmer's Market in Austin, Sharon Ely (Mrs' Joe Ely) makes some great pozole called 'Holy Pozole'.
            For that matter, there's a number of local things at a Farmer's Market,hot sauces, jams. etc.
            Tamales from any number of places;
            I think there's even a local olive oil now.