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Dec 19, 2008 12:06 PM

Streit’s German Bakery & Deli in Downey?

Anyone been to this German bakery/deli in Downey? Would love to hear some comments about their products. Thanks!

Streit’s German Bakery, Deli & Imports
7900 E. Imperial Hwy (x=Paramount Bl)

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  1. This place has some really good and authentic german bread, with no perservatives - all natural .. plain old real bread, the way it is supposed to be. We´ve bought the Roggenbrot and Berliner Rye bread. They also have white bread which we yet haven´t tried. The danish with apple or apricot are to die for, believe me .. we´ve eaten "danish" all over
    Europe and these come pretty close to the best ones. We also frequently buy the Pretzels, pop them in the toaster and enjoy with some ice cold belgian beer .. The bakery itself could use a little facelift, but afterall it is the quality of the bread that counts. Its right next to a 1970´s supermarket, where you feel like you are stepping back in time. I cannot tell you how happy we are to have discovered this place, and hopefully they will stay in business as long as we live in Downey. One last thing: they bake fresh bread loaves tue, thu and saturdays I believe, but they always sell a day old bread 1/2 off, which is a great deal, because you can freeze it, and whenever you feel like a good toast you warm it up with butter and voilá!

    1. That name looks familiar, I think they sell wholesale to a few places I go in OC. Their breakfast bread with almond paste is fantastic.

      1. The products are excellent. The bakery is a real downer, but you're not there for the scenery. The rye breads are what I go for -- they're as close as you get to New York's rye bread -- and I like their strudels and danishes.

        You can buy Streit's items at both Wholesome Choice outlets, some Whole Foods, and Tom's Farms, among other places.

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          They sell their pastries at Grower's Ranch (I think that is the name @ Newport Blvd & 17th) and a German deli in La Habra at Imperial Hwy & Idaho.