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Sweet bytes in Ambler?

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Hi, has anyone eaten breakfast at Sweet bytes in Ambler? I'm thinking of trying it for breakfast. I'd be taking someone who's a really BIG eater, so I'm curious about quality and quantity!! Thanks!

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  1. I have never been there personally but I have heard great things, and that it is all homemade comfort food made by one woman/family. I need to get there.

    1. and where in Ambler is sweet bytes? we're always looking for new breakfast places!

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        Haven't been there myself, but here's a link to their website -

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          It is on Main Street, right off of Butler Ave.

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            I've seen that place. Thanks for the link Bucks guy - we'll have to check them out soon. They have grits! YUM. :)

        2. I finally got a chance to try Sweet Bytes today... loved it! Ambler ws running a Taste of Ambler event (taste of brunch at two restaurants, dessert, movie tickets and promotions/discounts at local shops for $25). One of the places we chose for brunch was Sweet Bytes because I've been dying to try it. Atmosphere is cute and very casual. Food was great, I had a belgian waffle topped with homemade peach cobbler, my husband had a breakfast scramble with potoes, bacon, cheese, eggs. Both were delicous. They had lots of homemade desserts out (a red velvet cake caught my eye). The owners - mom and daughter - were so nice and made us feel at home. i eyed up the menu and they have some great lunch and dinner options. Everything is homemade, I'm dying to try the mac and cheese. The only problem is they never seem to be open when I want to go! So I'm glad I got a chance to try them today.

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            I wanted to bump this up since I enjoyed my first visit to Sweet Bytes today. I had a little more than an hour to kill while I waited for my daughter to finish her Scout meeting, and Sweet Bytes definitely fit the bill! I had originally planned to go to Toto's Caffe across the street on the recommendation of a friend, but they don't take cards and I had spent my last 50 cents in the meter, so I was grateful to be welcomed so warmly at Sweet Bytes. I had a terrific, chocolatey cafe mocha and a sinful Devil's Food cupcake. The proprietress, Lorraine, was super-friendly and the atmosphere was just what I was looking for. The lunch items I saw on the menu looked really exciting as well - I'll have to go back for lunch some time soon. I only wish we had a place like this in Jenkintown!

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              If you really want to bump it, you should probably request that this be moved to the Philly board.

          2. Only have had takeout. It has been very good indeed. The meat loaf was like/and is homemade. The veggie chilli very thick and flavorful.. Good stuff; just great comfort food provided my caring cooks.