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Dec 19, 2008 10:50 AM

Where to find food from Spain in the GTA?

Any tips would be appreciated!

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  1. Pasquale Bros out near Islington and the Queensway used to have agood selection, I haven't been in a while though. If there is something specific that you want you might want to call first.

    1. Marcona almonds and some Spanish cheeses can be found at Whole Foods. Alex Farms usually has a good selection of Spanish cheeses.

      Scheffler's in the St.Lawrence Market sells Serrano ham. Here's a relevant thread from this past year:
      I think that La Salumeria might sell Serrano ham, Sherry vinegar and Spanish olive oil.

      1. I second Scheffler's. They have the best selection. Although their Queso Manchego is not always top notch. Alex Farms has the ham and cheese, but very pricey and often old or improperly stored.

        1. Cava for dinner - tapas, set back fromYonge and St Clair in Delisle Court.

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            Does anyone know a good spot to get piquillo peppers?

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              Scheffler's had them as well.

              It looks there will be a new Spanish food store on Mt. Pleasant - "Pimenton", now at paper-in-the-windows stage.