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Dec 19, 2008 10:46 AM


What are your favorite Koreatown restaurants?

Right now, I'm interested in mid-priced to fine dining, but cheap eats would be great too.

I've searched the board, but people have mostly said something like "you should check out Koreatown, but I don't have any specific recommendations..."

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  1. I just had an excellent meal with a friend at Kun Jip. We had really good BBQ pork, with all the sides, and a casserole dish that was tasty. Sorry I don't remember the names. But this place is always crowded.
    I used this thread and others on this board to select the place I wanted to try first.

    9 W 32nd St, New York, NY 10001

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      I second Kun Jip. Love their Nakji Bokum and Ojinguh Bokum. Good banchan too. It's definitely mid-priced, but you get so much food that its a good value. I could split the Nakji Bokum with a friend and easily be full.

      1. re: ethnicchic

        Mandoo Bar. Really great dumplings (Mandoo), very unique. They also have the best bibimbap I've had in New York (if anyone has a better recommendation, let me know!)

        1. re: heWho

          No kidding on the bibimbap? I'd never think of ordering it there. Where else have you gotten bibimbap? I'm particularly interested in your appraisal of different places hyaemul bibimbap, which Han Bat does a good job at.

          I do find the mandoo soup at Mandoo Bar soothing and enjoy their little banchan.

      2. I suggest Soon doo bu + Kalbi at BCD or Seoul Garden and WonJo for BBQ.

        1. Madangsui. Great barbecue, excellent banchan.

          For a cheaper place, Han Bat is good if you get the Hyaemul Dolsot Bibimbap.

          1. we like CHO DANG GOL for the housemade tofu, the hot stone rice, stews and pancakes. the panchan is good too. however, go elsewhere for your kalbi & bulgogi -- it's fine here, but better elsewhere.

            downsides are the menu has been thinned out over the years and the prices suck, but we still run to the place after hitting macy's.

            1. There really isn't any fine dining in K-town.

              That said, my favorites are:

              BCD Tofu -- soon tofu
              Madangsui -- kalbi
              Gahm Mi Ok -- sul long tang, bi bim bap, bin dae duk, kimchi
              Kun Jip -- casseroles
              Cho Dang Gol -- ojingo bokkum served with tofu
              Kum Gang San -- yuk gae jang
              Bon Chon -- fried chicken