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Dec 19, 2008 10:20 AM

Fairfield County Wine Shops?

I know that this has been asked and answered, and probably belongs more appropriately on the wine board, but I am too lazy to search through, and know the people on this board well enough to trust the judgement of most.

I'm looking for a bottle of pretty good red (a Bordeaux or Burgundy under $100 for an uncle who loves the grape). BevMax falls down badly on better bottles, and I am willing to pay a tad more to buy from a small shop with actual people behind it.

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  1. le wine shop in greenwich is excellent for Claret or Burgandy. Etienne the owner is very knowledgeable.

    1. Horseneck liquors in Greenwich or shoot over to Port Chester to VarMax Liquors

      1. D

        Could you limit the search within FFD county? If you are near the New Canaan - Pound Ridge border a fantastic store just over the border on 124. And jfood has found some good bottles on 123 just over the border into Vista, NY in the strip mall with Greenwich Produce.

        1. Thanks, I'll try the local spots and make an out-of-town run after the holidays.

          1. I've always had great success with Fountainhead in East Norwalk. French is no a necessarily their specialty, so if you are looking strictly for French I'd go elsewhere... probably Horseneck.