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Dec 19, 2008 09:40 AM

Very Specific La Jolla Request

I've been reading La Jolla threads, but I don't have enough sense of the geography to figure out what I need to figure out. Here's the situation. Last year, we (me, husband, small child) visited San Diego and spent one day at the beach at the Del Coronado. Lunch was easy. We ate at the outdoor overlooking the beach. If I remember correctly, it was edible but not thrilling and overpriced, but very, very convenient. We played on the beach, we ate lunch, we were back on the beach in 5 minutes.

We're coming back to San Diego, but just for a change of pace, we're thinking about the beach in La Jolla instead. I know we have lots of beach choices and this isn't the place to hash that out, but right now I'm thinking Shell Beach/Children's Pool.

Is there somewhere to go from there to a quick, easy, very casual, my 7 year old pulled on sweatpants over his bathing suit lunch? Something genuinely good would be wonderful. Something not overpriced would also be lovely, but I'm not holding my breath.

If you'd like to suggest a different, small child appropriate beach because of it's proximity to a restaurant that better suits our lunch goals, that would be great.

Are there restaurants walkable from any of the beaches?

As always, many thanks.

It's snowing like crazy here in NY and we're looking forward to arriving in sunny, warm San Diego tomorrow. Although there does seem to be a lot of rain in the forecast for the coming week. Who arranged that?

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  1. It's freezing here and we just had 3-4 inches of rain with tons of snow in the mountains.
    Sammy Wood Fire sundae..Alfonso's for the nachos.
    The Spot for burgers..Jose's Court Room for Mex..all can walk from Shell beach.

    1. As Beach Chick wrote it is pretty cold here in the moment (we just have somebody from Germany here and she is a bit disappointed how cold it is currently in San Diego) and I have problems to imagine sitting at the beach more than one hour without getting a cold. With a kid I would recommend also looking at the beach at La Jolla Shores (more sandy beach whereas the two you mentioned have more rocks etc. In addition, at Children's Pool people might yell at you which I have seen quite often because it is a quite controversial beach). At La Jolla Shores are a few casual places - one burger place (forgot the name), Cheese Shop for deli sandwich, Piatti for good Italian

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          Guess I should just try Jeff's already, how does it stack up against the other burgers in town (Rocky's, High Dive, WaterFront, Starlite, Hodads, Lodge at TP)? I will go with honkman, best bet is LJ Shores, but it is freezing right now 63 in LJ ;-).

          1. re: stevuchan

            after snorkeling, boogie boarding, kayaking and just playing all day at the shores during the summer..Jeff's burger is average but so damn good after swimming all love the Cheese Shop!.
            I love Rocky's..Waterfront..Longhorn..craving one right now!
            Waterfront for Xmas Eve is a riot, if one is looking for a fun time.

        2. re: honkman

          The Children's Pool shouldn't be controversial; after more than 30 years of Harbor Seal poop I consider the sand to be Toxic Waste and stick to watching the Seals from the wall. Personally I love walking down by the Tide Pools, or picking up Shells & Aggies in the surf, down by Shell Beach.

          If you don't mind walking a couple blocks there's a Wahoo's Fish Taco & El Pescador Fish Market‎ by Pearl & Draper, plus a Sammy's Wood Fired Pizza diagonally across the intersection from Wahoo's, the two fish places will welcome you with open arms in beach cover-ups.

          El Pescador Fish Market
          627 Pearl St, San Diego, CA 92037

          Wahoo's Fish Taco
          639 Pearl St, La Jolla, CA 92037

          Sammy's California Woodfired
          702 Pearl St, La Jolla, CA 92037

          1. Yeah, I was going to say, if you want warm, head to miami beach.

            Jeff Burgers and Cheese Shop are great moves.

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              what about hoddad's is that supposed to be very good??????

              1. re: kevin


                But Hodads is in Ocean Beach and not within walking distance of the beaches in La Jolla the OP mentioned

            2. If the weather is good (it can be warm sometimes in Dec.) I suggest the beach at La Jolla Shores. You can enter the Sea Lodge Hotel (think they might have changed the name to LJ Shores Hotel) directly from the beach dressed very casual. The bar is very casual and kids and beach clothes are acceptable during the day. Burgers, sandwiches, salads, etc. Even stuff to go for the beach (just no booze). Walk 2 blocks to pizza by the slice or Jeff's burgers. 1 more block to Cheese Shop (deli) Piatti (good Italian, kid friendly, but must be dressed) and Barbarella across the street (various states of dress (and dogs) accepted on sidewalk during the day...burger, pizza, pasta). Have fun.