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Looking for the best raised donuts/soufganiot this side of town...dough that is light and airy, without the greasy taste, and the correct proportion of glaze (if its glazed). Loved the dough at Krispy Kreme, but too much glaze (sugar: dough ratio was off). Also searching for jelly filled. I usually go to the old standard: Bob's Coffee and Donuts, but last I had one, it had a little bit of that grease taste. Used to get these amazing donuts at work (high, fluffy, just enough glaze), but the guy who used to bring them from Placentia, OC, is now in jail. Oh well...

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  1. Stan's Donuts in Westwood on Broxton has some of the best donuts IMO. Not a huge fan of the raised type so I can't vouch for them but if they are anything like the other varieties offered they are going to be great.

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      Another vote for Stan's. I haven't been to Bob's in a long time, but used to really like it (even though I prefered Stan's).

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        Another vote for STAN'S. PRIMO's is good as well but I would only go there if you are looking for a buttermilk bar.

    2. Primos Donuts in West Los Angeles. Over 50 years of making Angeleno's the same shape as their product.


      2918 Sawtelle Blvd, Los Angeles, CA

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        Yeah, Primo's does a special glazed donut unlike any other I have had in the LA area. It is different from the rest and more like something you would find at a very good bakery.

      2. I also vote for Stan's, although Fritelli's in Beverly Hills has maple bars that are to die for.

        1. I haven't been to Stan's in ages but do remember them for their novelty donuts. My favorite was their peanut butter and jelly donut with chocolate chips when I used to pull all-nighters at UCLA.

          Primo's would remind most of the typical donut shop, but they are head and shoulders above the vast majority of the donut shops around the Westside. As others have already mentioned, they do have the best buttermilk bars around. When I usually pick up a dozen donuts, half are buttermilk bars and they always go first. Their cinnamon rolls are quite good as are their glazed...

          1. another vote for stan's. everything there is great except the cake donuts. although at times the peanut butter & chocolate seem dry. primos is very good basic stuff, especially the glazed. i had written randy's off and not been there in years, but the other day was in need while on the freeway and had an outanding raspberry filled and choclate raised donut. i'm considering going back!.

            1. Looking for the best raised donuts/soufganiot this side of town... I went to Randys ( the giant donut north of LAX to get a box of Jelly Donuts for a Chanukah Party a few years back. they were fresh and good and all gone when I left for home. Much better than the oily Rocks I traveled to the Farifax District a year before. Think I will get some again.. It is oil season for my fellow members of the tribe..

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                Their raised donuts with coconut are pretty good as well...

              2. As long as we are asking, how about the best donuts in Sherman Oaks?

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                  easy! K's Donut Emporium at Beverly Glen and Ventura. hands down. glazed old fashioneds, apple fritters, cruellers, everything great, even the dense cakey muffins!

                2. May I recommend Stan's chocolate and banana or the peanut butter and banana.

                  1. slinky, I live in Westwood Village, so I'm not gonna slam Stan's, which is a bastion in the area. But you specified light and airy donuts, and that is the opposite of Stan's style which is caky and dense, with an emphasis on special flavor combinations. Primo's to me is the place to find the light raised donuts with the glaze dripped on more than dunked repeatedly. That seems to be the style you are going for. Now my favorite donut place is nearby -- Royal donuts in the middle of the strip mall on the S/E corner of Sepulveda and Palms, across from the Trader Joe's. A very crispy glazed cinnamon roll, and a wonderful light but substantial crumb donut or twist. Run by a very friendly and hardworking family.

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                      Nosh hit the nail on the head (as usual). I mentioned Stan's as well, but the last time I recall eating one was back in my days at UCLA. I don't want to say that my tastes have grown - just changed. And I too prefer both Primo's and Royal for their interpretations of what a donut should be relative to Stan's. I think of Stan's as a gussied-up version of what a donut was meant to be, but after one peels away the "lipstick" on Stan's, it's that pig that stirred up a hornet's nest back in September...

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                        If a "berliner" aka "bismarck" eets your raised-doughnut-with-a-filling definition - try Rockenwagner's Bakery in Culver City. They're only available on Fridays.

                        According to their website...

                        "On Fridays we offer our famous BERLINERS! The German donut that made headlines when JFK proclaimed, “Ich bin ein Berliner,” our version is filled with sweet seedless raspberry jam and generously sprinkled with cinnamon sugar. The labor-intensive pastry is made in small batches from scratch from a family recipe – one dozen per customer please. "

                        Not sure if they make them every day, but there are likely three locations that have them. The most likely would be the one one on Washington in Culver City.

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                            It's more like a very well made raspberry jelly-filled donut. About the same size and shape, it's powdered with sugar instead of glazed. My only complaint is the relatively small amount of raspberry filling inside. Other than that, it's a nice treat with tea or coffee.

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                              " very well made raspberry jelly-filled" With a good chocolate icing on top it would be the donut of my dreams. I wonder if they might...?

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                                Couldn't hurt to ask. They have different bakers who each have artistic license to create what they may. The chocolate that they use at 3 Square is good stuff too...

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                                  I found the number and I did call but it was just past closing time and the person I spoke to could only say they probably would make me some Berliners with a chocolate icing on top. She said she would have to ask her boss but he was not there. She also said that this week they were not making them because of all the other orders they have for other items.

                                  Rockenwagner's Bakery

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                                    Maybe try again after the holidays - business should have slowed down by then. IMHO, they have no fear of doing things over the top....

                    2. Frittelli's Doughnuts - 360 N. Canon, Beverly Hills (between brighton way & dayton way)

                      Website at: http://www.frittelli.com/home.html

                      I am partial to their Meyer Lemon ones, although the standards are most excellent as well.