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Dec 19, 2008 09:29 AM


Looking for the best raised donuts/soufganiot this side of town...dough that is light and airy, without the greasy taste, and the correct proportion of glaze (if its glazed). Loved the dough at Krispy Kreme, but too much glaze (sugar: dough ratio was off). Also searching for jelly filled. I usually go to the old standard: Bob's Coffee and Donuts, but last I had one, it had a little bit of that grease taste. Used to get these amazing donuts at work (high, fluffy, just enough glaze), but the guy who used to bring them from Placentia, OC, is now in jail. Oh well...

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  1. Stan's Donuts in Westwood on Broxton has some of the best donuts IMO. Not a huge fan of the raised type so I can't vouch for them but if they are anything like the other varieties offered they are going to be great.

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      Another vote for Stan's. I haven't been to Bob's in a long time, but used to really like it (even though I prefered Stan's).

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        Another vote for STAN'S. PRIMO's is good as well but I would only go there if you are looking for a buttermilk bar.

    2. Primos Donuts in West Los Angeles. Over 50 years of making Angeleno's the same shape as their product.

      2918 Sawtelle Blvd, Los Angeles, CA

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        Yeah, Primo's does a special glazed donut unlike any other I have had in the LA area. It is different from the rest and more like something you would find at a very good bakery.

      2. I also vote for Stan's, although Fritelli's in Beverly Hills has maple bars that are to die for.

        1. I haven't been to Stan's in ages but do remember them for their novelty donuts. My favorite was their peanut butter and jelly donut with chocolate chips when I used to pull all-nighters at UCLA.

          Primo's would remind most of the typical donut shop, but they are head and shoulders above the vast majority of the donut shops around the Westside. As others have already mentioned, they do have the best buttermilk bars around. When I usually pick up a dozen donuts, half are buttermilk bars and they always go first. Their cinnamon rolls are quite good as are their glazed...

          1. another vote for stan's. everything there is great except the cake donuts. although at times the peanut butter & chocolate seem dry. primos is very good basic stuff, especially the glazed. i had written randy's off and not been there in years, but the other day was in need while on the freeway and had an outanding raspberry filled and choclate raised donut. i'm considering going back!.