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Dec 19, 2008 09:13 AM


I recently went to horsefeathers which I had not been to for quite some time. I remembered it as being such a cute litle place with reasonable pub food. When I saw the prices on the menu I almost fell off my chair!! It was a similar menu from what I remembered but with NYC steakhouse prices. So many restaurants are sensitive to the current economy and have recession specials but not Horsefeathers. A glass of wine was the cost of a bottle -retail price! An $11 sandwhich doesn't even come with fries!! We ordered and the food was good enough but we were further disappointed by the lack of personality in the staff. I could have told the bartender I just robbed a bank and her response would have been "Oh That''s good." I believe a restaurant should be a combitnation of making the customers feel welcome while they are there , good food and acknowledge them leaving. I won't be back

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  1. I agree. Even tho I like their burgers and fries, I'm always shocked when I get the bill for my family of 4. And I agree that the service is very impersonal and lacking warmth.

    1. I agree. We were so surprised at the prices. $4 for a kid's cup of milk! Most places throw in the kid drink for free. We live in the area, and go about once a year, get shocked at the prices, and then don't go back until the next year. Nice to be able to eat outside in the summer, but the food is only so so and the prices are outrageous.

      1. I agree with your review, but is there a better alternative nearby? Where do you go in this area for a good salad, sandwich, lite fare, etc. for a reasonable price? (BTW there are two sandwich menus at Horsefeathers--the more expensive wedges are huge and come with no fries, while the less expensive, smaller sandwiches come with a side.) We've tried all the diners in neighboring towns and villages. I'm looking for more than a just a good burger--where can I get a good tuna melt or grilled chicken sandwich or cobb salad near Tarrytown/Sleepy Hollow?

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          We like Pete's Saloon in Elmsford (corner of Rte. 119 & 9A), when we want "pub" food, very congenial staff and much more reasonable than Horsefeathers (which I agree with all the other posters on their comments). Their "real" food is very good too and all entrees come with a nice green (mesclun) salad and sides. Their burgers are huge, we usually split one if we get an appetizer.

        2. I've always had the same price reaction when Ive gone to Horsefeathers (because it was convenient)..... Definitely not worth the prices they charge - in my opinion