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Dec 19, 2008 09:09 AM

Chi Thai Restaurant - Columbus OH (new albany)

I just did a search and didn't find any mention of this restuarant, which has been around for a year or more. It is not too far from 270 and Morse, down the road from the Cap City Diner.

I've visited at least four times in the past year, and strongly recommend.

Ambience: Cloth Tablecloths real silverware, generally elegant.
Service: Good. Food turnaround has generally been lightning fast, with the exception of the fried whole fish, which obviously takes more prep time than the average stir fry or curry.
Food: We haven't had a bad dish yet. As the name implies, some chinese standards, and some thai standards.
Price - about $10-15 per entree.

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  1. As an aside, it is Joey Chang's (located in Mill Run in Hilliard) sister restaurant.

    1. I have only eaten there twice and both times the service was great and the food quite on par. Lovely restaurant indeed!!

      1. I agree! Chi Thai is delicious, and I hope more people will check it out! I've had both chinese and thai dishes, and everything I've tried has been great. this is also a perfect place for vegetarians as they have many great tofu dishes.