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Dec 19, 2008 08:33 AM

best pubs in central london for real ale?

craft beer fan here looking for great & unique draft beer, but a good bottle selection is ok too.

of course i'll take any and all of your beer recs as well....

leaving for london in a week -- thx!

ps -- yes i have perused the interwebs sites related to this topic, i was hoping for some 'hound commentary and suggestions. tia again.

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  1. well, central London can mean a lot of different places - where will you be staying? See this discussion: also check the CAMRA website (Campaign For Real Ale)

    1. Camra is the place to look, but rather cannily it's not available online unless you are lucky with a local group doing a local guide.

      Walk into a bookshop or WHSmith on day 1 and buy the CAMRA Good Beer Guide.

      1. If you can go a little bit out of London I strongly recommend the Pembury Tavern or the Wenlock Arms If you're near Borough Market the Market Porter is somewhere I've never had a bad drink,, and the Royal Oak on Tabard Street nearby does a great pint and a good sunday roast! Central London there are loads - best to have a peek in the Good Beer Guide - I recommend the Castle in Furnival Street though - they had a great range of real and also nearby is the Old Mitre Tavern which is a really cosy little pub with a good selection of booze

        Hope this helps!